"Happy New Year": Movie Launch Game and App


Client: "Happy New Year," the movie 
Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports 
Agency: Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

There was a need to create momentum around the launch of the movie "Happy New Year." To make this happen, the movie tapped into Indian's tablet and mobile public to launch a game and app that would build pre-launch excitement.

Objective and Context

The objectives of this campaign were to augment the marketing efforts of the movie “Happy New Year” with an engagement platform aimed at the vast smartphone and tablet-owning Indian audience; and to provide a unique experience to movie lovers on their mobile phones across the two most popular platforms: Android and iOS.

The game had essential elements from the movie such as 3D realistic models of the actors, environments mimicking those actually present in the movie, and an overarching storyline that revolved around stealing diamonds from a secure vault, which was what the movie was about as well. Thus the game was a creative way of harmonizing the movie with unique digital content that is engaging and innovative. The game had a Twitter handle and a Facebook page that maintained a two-way communication channel through which the movie shared tips and tricks, answered queries and responded to feedback. The gamers also reviewed and rated the game positively on the Android and iOS app stores.

It was important for the message to reach the target since they would form the core loyal base for the game. This was accomplished through the following:

  • Mobile ad campaign: Banner and interstitial ads placed inside popular mobile apps.
  • App install campaign: Ads placed in the Facebook news feeds of the target audience.
  • YouTube Ads: Pre-roll ads of the game in the form of a movie-style trailer.
  • Game trailer: The trailer of the game was included before the start of the movie in theatres.
  • Email campaign: An email burst campaign to the database of subscribers to our games.
  • B-School contest: Teams across India participated to get maximum downloads and won a chance to meet the star, actor Shah Rukh Khanand the team of Happy New Year at the game launch.
  • Twitter contest: Winners received official "Happy New Year" merchandize.
  • Game launch event: The team of "Happy New Year" launched the game at an event in Mumbai. The event garnered a lot of press coverage on both online and traditional media.

On average, Indian smartphone users spend 33.4 minutes a day playing mobile games. The goal was to capture a good share of this time to get the message of the movie across in the most creative way possible. This was a completely mobile-based campaign. The entire budget was allocated towards development of mobile game and marketing.

Mobile was integrated through:

1. The "Happy New Year" app: This app had innovative features such as the ability to unlock the vault using the accelerometer for special content like wallpapers and videos.
2. The "Happy New Year" Game: The game was built keeping the movie in mind and was used as a tool to engage potential audience. The mobile game served as a vehicle to carry the plot of the movie to the gaming audience present on Android and iOS; this demographic likes to play games. The game had multiplayer features which ensured that the gamers were sufficiently engaged and had enough content to sustain interest till the launch of the movie and even subsequently. The game used creative messaging through push notification to keep the gamers in touch with the happenings of the movie as well as game features and tips.



The game saw an unprecedented average session length of 13.5 minutes and session frequency of 2.2 in the first two weeks of its launch. Overall results are as follows:

  • More than one million downloads across platforms.
  • More than 3.5 million sessions
  • A 4.2 rating on the Google Play Store with more than 40,000 ratings.
  • An active user community of 50,000.
  • A ranking of No. 1 under Top Free Games at launch.
  • The hashtag #HNYTheGame trending in India on the day of the movie launch.
  • Media coverage on popular sites such as NDTV Movies, IB Times, Firstpost, Indian Express, and Rediff among others.

The consumer response was overwhelming. The campaign received millions of impressions and continuous engagement on social media on the properties @vroovygames and @hny.

The game and app successfully built anticipation about the movie in the audience. Even before the movie was released, the game was already seeing a spike in downloads which stands testament to the quality of the game. Post the release of the movie the game successfully sustained conversation using the hashtag #HNYTheGame.


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