Steinlager: Pure Deep Dive


Client: Steinlager beer
 Category: Alcohol & Tobacco
Agency: InMobi PTE Ltd. & Zenith OptiMedia,  Fairfax NZ
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Steinlager is a leading brand of beer in New Zealand. The brand's philosophy is centered around pushing boundaries. While people may fail or succeed, the brand message is that pushing boundaries is important and necessary.

It needed a campaign that would bring awareness to Steinlager and to its partnership with William Trubridge, a free diving world champion who was attempting to again break his world record for free diving. It chose a game that simulated his dive to engage users.


Objective and Context

Steinlager has a long history of sports sponsorship. The brand previously sponsored the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Union team, and constantly aims to be a partner that's born to defy. As part of its "Born to Defy" campaign, Steinlager was partnering with Trubridge, who was attempting to break his own record of a 101-metre deep free dive in a single breath.


Creative Strategy

The campaign goal was to effectively engage the audience and inculcate a sense in them of how challenging this attempt was. The primary objective of the campaign was to drive awareness about the Steinlager-sponsored event through effective user engagement. Trubridge was all set to dive into the Dean's blue hole, the world's deepest known blue hole. It plunges 202 metres (663 ft) in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, an island situated in the Bahamas.

In order to help spread the word about the challenge that lay ahead of Trubridge and to cheer on the champion, Steinlager wanted to capture the attention of users who visit, New Zealand's largest news and entertainment website. In particular, the focus was on behavior showing affinity towards travel, leisure, sports and adventure.

With mobile becoming everyone’s primary screen, a mobile ad campaign was selected as the best way to drive awareness for Steinlager. The brand decided to simulate the thrill of the dive for the users, by leveraging the gaming experience made possible by smartphones.

The three-day burst campaign drove great results for mobile, by finding an engaging and visually stunning way to communicate the nature of the event challenge and brand philosophy, driving interest in the Steinlager sponsored event.

The rich media interstitial unit showcased William Trubridge, mentioned his world record dive attempt, and provided a countdown to the event. Users could also watch an informative video, or save the event to their calendar. Users were then prompted to scroll down. On scrolling, they were asked to play a game where they could free dive underwater.

Users had to keep scrolling in order to control a free diver and see how far they could get him to free dive. As a user scrolled, a free diver moved through increasingly deeper waters. Indicators showcased current depth, and how much time the user had left to get a high score. The entire experience was designed to be visually enticing, with schools of fish, hammerhead sharks, and darker waters creating an engaging experience. Users could also share their depth score on social media, or replay the game. With this experience, Steinlager's advertising transformed into a challenging and engaging game for users to play.

There was low awareness of the event, and not many people felt involved in the Trubridge's challenge. This campaign helped to change that.



The three day burst campaign was a smashing success. Here are the results:

  • There  were more than 133,000 page-views.
  • 82 percent of visitors interacted with the ad for more than five seconds. 
  • On average, users spent an astonishing one minute engaging with the ad. The mobile campaign ensured that users were waiting with bated breath on dive day.


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