Unilever Indonesia's Rexona: Streetview


Client: Unilever India
Brand: Rexona deodorant
Category: Health & Beauty
Country: India
Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

Rexona, Unilever's top deodorant brand, wanted to launch an all-new product, Rexona Antibacterial Defence, in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the midst of everyday activities, sweat and body odor often become an inevitable issue. Rexona Antibacterial Defence provided an effective solution to solve this problem. Through its active anti-bacterial ingredient, it provides effective protection against bacteria that causes body odor.

Rexona was looking to increase awareness about Rexona Antibacterial Defence around the time of the launch by engaging with users in an innovative and fresh format. The brand wanted to elevate brand awareness in the minds of consumers and reach out to them at the right place and time.

Therefore, an innovative rich media ad was created, called Rexona Streetview. With the help of geo-targeting, Rexona targeted males at dusty and crowded bus stops and train stations during the evenings when they were probably feeling sweaty after a tiring day at work. Rexona wanted to capitalize on this moment and communicate with users that Rexona could help consumers feel refreshed and socialize freely with confidence without worrying about body odor.


Objective and Context

The campaign objective was to increase awareness about the launch of an all-new product, Rexona Antibacterial Defense.

Rexona wanted something unique that would add value to users while they were viewing the ad. Rexona understood that users today want a "quick fix" to their problems. The focus on "the now" was crucial for the success of this campaign. Conveying the message to its target audience spontaneously and creatively was key. Rexona targeted males between the ages 18 to 35 by using audience persona targeting. With the help of time targeting the brand targeted users in the evenings.


Creative Strategy

Mobile was part of Rexona's strategy because the brand was aware that its target audience is always on the go and hence their smartphones are their lifelines. During prime hours, places like bus stops and train stations have higher levels of bacteria caused by high temperature and humidity. Rexona wanted to create a reminder via mobile by triggering information that is valuable and hyper-relevant to users especially about the their location, the temperature, and level of humidity. 

In May, 23 percent of the brand budget was allocated to mobile, out of which 9 percent was allocated towards the anti-bacterial campaign.

A rich media ad unit incorporating augmented reality technology was created. As a user is walking towards the bus stop, and checking an app, this rich media ad unit would pop up. On clicking the banner, it would expand into a full screen interstitial. In addition to viewing the temperature and humidity outside, users would get a 360-degree view of the bus stop that he or she was walking towards. Through advanced location targeting Rexona was able to pull up these 360-degree Google images at the user's current location.

Now why was this done? Through this, Rexona was able to offer users a real-life view of what they were about to encounter. The dust, the heat, and the sweat is everything that Rexona could fix in a jiffy. Through the 360-degree view users could truly live in the moment -- not just see it, but actually be there -- which made it powerful and impactful. It provided users with a strong reason to go and purchase Rexona. Rexona was able to stand out, by targeting consumers with a product they needed, when they needed it -- unlike any other deodorant.

After interacting with the ad unit, users could click on the 'Learn More" call-to-action where they would receive a unique coupon code. Users had to take a screenshot or save the screen as an image, and show it to the store manager to get a 10 percent discount on the Rexona Antibacterial Defence.


Here is what the campaign achieved. Since Rexona has always been the market leader among deodorant brands, it was important for it to defend its leadership in the market with the Rexona Antibacterial Defence.

  • The campaign performed extremely well, with more than three million people clicking on the rich media banner.
  • The average dwell time on the interstitial was 1 minute 34 seconds. 0.56 percent of users clicked on the "Learn More" CTA and 0.46 percent of them took a screenshot of the unique coupon code.
  • Close to 12,500 unique users downloaded the coupon, proving the campaign successfully grew top-of-mind awareness for the all-new Rexona Antibacterial Defence.


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