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ELLE Magazine and NeoMedia Fuse Fashion and Mobile Technology for Shoppers (NeoMedia)

July 4, 2006

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ELLE Magazine and NeoMedia Fuse Fashion and Mobile Technology for Shoppers

Mobot Technology Turns Readers into Online Buyers

NEW YORK and FORT MYERS, Fla. – June 26, 2006 -- ELLE Magazine and Mobot, Inc., a NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OLTC BB: NEOM) company, will exclusively introduce the next generation of interaction between magazine, the mobile phone and the Internet in the October, November and December 2006 issues, making shopping “to do” lists a thing of the past.

The launch of ELLE’s Wireless Wish List will give readers the chance to create their own online shopping experience taken from products advertised within the pages of ELLE.  By selecting a desired item within any ad in ELLE, a reader simply takes a photograph of the ad or texts the brand name to EWISH and instantly receives a reply inviting them to log on to their own personal Wireless Wish List at www.elle.com/ewish.

Finally, by entering their personal mobile phone number, ELLE readers who visit the site will have access to their personal Wish List featuring all the ads they have selected. Their personal Web page will give them information on where to find the nearest retailer for the items they have selected, where they can shop online as well as inside information on sales, discounts and special events.  The Wish List program gives ELLE readers an instant way to act on style and fashion decisions using the device they carry constantly—their mobile phone.

As an added incentive in the October 2006 issue of ELLE, any reader who submits an entry in to their wish list will automatically be entered in to Wireless Wish List Sweepstake with a chance to win a $2,500 gift card to purchase any or all of their wish list items.

The partnership is a category exclusive with Mobot, the leader in mobile visual search technology, and capitalizes on the massive boom in camera phone and text technology. According to a recent Cingular research survey, more than 42% of women in the U.S. in 2006 carry camera phones—more than double the number in 2005.

Kevin Wells, vice president of Mobot said, “Through this unique partnership ELLE readers will have immediate access to detailed information on their favorite products.  A partnership between Mobot and the powerhouse ELLE brand will begin to change the way that consumers and brands use magazines, the mobile phone and the internet to purchase and market luxury goods.”

Martin Copus, head of NeoMedia Mobile and chief operating officer of its parent company, saluted ELLE for “taking the lead in using Mobot’s new visual matching technology.”   He added, “ELLE and Mobot are taking print advertising to a whole new level of measurable interactivity.”

Carol Smith, ELLE senior VP/group publisher said, “The ELLE reader doesn’t make a move without her mobile phone, and she shops the pages of the magazine on the run.  With our Wireless Wish List service, mobile technology instantly assembles her fall picks wherever she is.  When she’s ready to purchase or wants to forward her list to friends and family, the where-to-buy information is already assembled.  What could be better? When the Mobot team brought this technology to us, we realized immediately that it was the perfect fit for the tech-savvy ELLE reader, and a valuable new platform for ELLE advertisers to further connect with her. 

Smith added, “While there’s a lot that we still don’t know about integrating mobile technology with magazine brands.  I know that ELLE was meant to lead the way here in the U.S.   Our international editions have been experimenting with mobile services for some time now and I’m glad that we’re finally able to jump in here at home.”

About ELLE Magazine
is the largest fashion magazine in the world, with 39 editions on five continents. ELLE is accessible online at elle.com.  It is also the foundation of numerous brand extensions, including ELLE Decor (22 editions), ELLE Cuisine (five editions), ELLE Accessories (six editions), ELLE.com (20 websites), and licensed products, including books, footwear, eyewear, and other fashion accessories. Last year, ELLE-branded products generated $1 billion in retail sales worldwide. The U.S. edition reaches an audience of 4.9 million readers, who find in ELLE style and substance with an independent point of view.

About Mobot
Mobot, a NeoMedia Technologies company (OTC BB: NEOM, www.neom.com), is a leader in visual search and recognition technology, helping companies make their marketing efforts more innovative and effective. Launched in 2004, Mobot gives marketers, content providers and carriers the tools to make it easy for any consumer with a mobile device to interact with their environment and thus cultivate a rewarding relationship. Mobot campaigns require no changes to existing visual media and work seamlessly with all wireless carriers. Mobot's visual search technology connects mobile consumers with international brands, such as L'Oréal, Samsung and Saturn; major media companies including ELLEgirl, VIBE and JANE magazines; and leading music labels including WEA (Warner Music Group's U.S. sales and retail marketing company). For more information about Mobot, please visit www.mobot.com.

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