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Pot Noodle Case Study

April 5, 2010

Media Objectives
The Pot Noodle objectives were to target 18-25 year old ‘retrosexual’ males in the masses across Northern regions. Through BlisMobile Northern rail networks males from such demographics were easily targeted with a branded gaming application.
Pot Noodle’s clear aim and objective is to also refresh a saturated strong brand.
Pot Noodle was also drawn to the idea that the campaign could turn into a viral opportunity of consumers sharing content.

After initial trials with BlisMobile, at London Victoria rail station, Pot Noodle rolled-out to the following major mainline railway stations:

  • London Victoria
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle

A Pot noodle branded classic space invaders application was designed by BlisMobile to target the “pot noodle consumer”. The clear call to action was advertised on the digital transvision screen, displaying a moving display of pot noodle ambassadors and an invite for viewers to download the free gaming application. The Transvision media was a value add to the campaign as PotNoodle were only paying per successful download.

Benefits to Pot Noodle

  • Relevant and entertaining content for Pot Noodle’s target market, content helped to engage the brand with the consumer.
  • Reaching the audience in a fun way.
  • Provided the viral opportunity around the branded game.

There was a fantastic response to the content provided; Pot Noodle received just over 95,000 downloads over a 4 week period. A great success rate across the major BlisMobile rail networks, the client was very happy with these results.