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Trion Interactive Launches First Self-Service Platform for Mobile Video Advertising

July 23, 2015


Marketers Now Able to Utilize mScreen to Launch Mobile Ads in Seconds

NEW YORK, July 20, 2015 - Leading mobile video advertising company Trion Interactive introduces game-changing enhancements to their mobile video and rich media advertising platform, mScreen. For the first time, marketers of any size can launch mobile video ad campaigns in under 3 minutes using a full-featured self-service platform. The announcement was made today by Trion Interactive’s Al Shermer, CEO, Tom Kohler, COO, and J. Vincenzo Penza, CTO.

The rapidly growing company, founded in 2011, is the first company to offer adhesive native video with sound across all mobile devices. Trion’s mScreen allows marketers to create native video ads using standard video, VAST tags, or remotely hosted files, doing all the hard work to create a seamless viewing experience for end-users. With the new development, Trion adds another exclusive tool for clients: the ability to utilize mScreen to create, view and launch mobile video ad campaigns in under 180 seconds. Video campaigns can now launch effortlessly, able to reach the entire country or drill down to local targeting, all within a simple user interface.

“By providing technology, delivery and distribution all in one place, Trion has been able to provide clients with a centralized solution for their mobile video advertising needs,” said Mr. Shermer. “With our previous software platform, we offered a streamlined process with our experts guiding through Trion’s expanse of unlimited placement opportunities. We’ve now taken it one step further with mScreen’s self-service platform.”

“The key to mScreen’s enhancement is that no technical expertise is needed,” commented Mr. Penza. “mScreen’s simple, easy-to-use interface makes setup quick and easy, while continuing to provide marketers use of Trion’s network of premium mobile publishers and the ability to create ad tags for use on any HTML5 compliant site or app.”

“Marketers will continue to choose from a variety of video ad types, all of which feature auto-start, sound enabled video running alongside any content type, with everything served in the viewable screen.” stated Mr. Kohler. “What’s more, they can effectively target campaigns using Quantcast real-time audience analytics or custom verticals built by Trion.”

Trion Interactive boasts an 82% measured in-view rate compared to the industry average of 46%. Additionally, Trion’s average per impression in view is 33 seconds compared to the industry average of 17 seconds, with a 25% universal touch rate compared to industry of 5%. Trion’s effectiveness is further supported by the company’s direct publisher integrations, which have resulted in near-zero levels of fraudulent traffic as measured by industry verification services.

About Trion Interactive:
Trion Interactive provides scalable solutions for video and rich media advertising on mobile devices. Trion’s video buy/sell platform includes the market’s only self-service video advertising software for mobile and serves millions of video ads per day across mobile web and applications. Trion’s mobile publisher platform provides industry leading visibility, precision audience targeting, and dynamic rich media on mobile properties. For more information on Trion Interactive, please
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