February 27, 2017
Brand and retail launch partners look forward to increased demand, traffic to the aisle, and in-store conversion REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – February 14, 2017 -- Shopkick, the leading shopping rewards app that engages people with brands and drives in-store action, today announces it has opened up Shopkick Grocery to brand and grocery partners, inviting participation in the consumer launch in early April. The company’s biggest launch since its 2010 debut, Shopkick Grocery will give consumers many more opportunities to earn rewards during trips to the grocery store. For grocers and brands, it will drive a consistent and measurable stream of foot traffic, product engagement and in-store sales. Over a year of in-depth research, product development and testing, Shopkick Grocery has proven to drive key shopping behaviors, inspiring beta users to: • Boost basket size: spend nearly twice what the average American spends in grocery/drug or mass retail, $59 per visit vs. $32 • Fuel frequency: earn rewards in grocery stores 2.2 times per week on average, compared to the U.S. average of 1.5 trips to the grocery store each week • Increase engagement: engage 33 percent more with products at the shelf than users without the Shopkick Grocery product • Prove more purchases: submit receipts for rewards 70 percent more frequently than users without the Shopkick Grocery product “We saw the value of working with shopkick during a key shopping period to grow awareness of RAGÚ® pasta sauce and encourage consumers to seek us out in store. Through a targeted in-store message, we were able to successfully drive consideration and purchase of RAGÚ sauce in key retailers at a conversion rate that met our benchmark,” Amy Becker, Sr. Activation Manager, Mizkan America Inc. For CPG brands, grocery, drug or mass retailers, Shopkick Grocery connects with consumers at every point along the path-to-purchase. New features engage shoppers from the couch at home, to the store entrance, up and down to the aisle, and at checkout. At every step, they are rewarded with Kicks (shopkick rewards) that can be redeemed for gift cards at all the stores people love. “Emerging technology is forcing both grocers and brands to rethink their approach to engaging consumers,” said Shopkick CEO Bill Demas. “If the Sunday circular isn’t already irrelevant in your area, it will be soon. The next generation of shoppers are digital natives who not only want the savings their parents found in those pages, but also expect more personalized and rewarding interactions. Shopkick is helping to solve both sides of the equation – providing a way for brands and retailers to deeply connect with and reward their customers, while satisfying the requirements of today’s consumers.” New Shopkick Grocery features now open to partners: • Grocery Offers Tab: dedicated section featuring branded lookbooks, videos and offers, helping users easily discover new products • Shopping List: one tap gets products on consumers’ shopping lists before they head to the store • Recipes: simple, everyday recipes inspire brand affinity and loyalty, with seamless shopping list integration • Kicks for Purchase: high value rewards provide an alternative to traditional coupons for everyday buying while preserving margins What Shoppers are Saying “I’m generally shopping for juice, pasta, cheese and the like, and Shopkick Grocery is helping me discover new specific products like Velveeta mini block cheese and Barilla Pronto pasta,” said Amanda Geltz, mom of three from Kissimmee, FL and one of Shopkick Grocery’s beta users. “When I saw the items in the app and knew I could earn higher Kick rewards, it was an easy purchase decision.” Speaking with users who have been testing the Shopkick Grocery beta, the company found: • 65 percent head to the grocery store to earn Kicks when they have free time • 60 percent would try a new brand of product if they can earn Kicks for purchasing • 57 percent would frequent a different grocery store to earn more Kicks than at their regular store Shopkick Grocery builds on the shopping experience users love with rewards that keep them coming back, while delivering results for grocers and brands. About shopkick, Inc. Shopkick is the #1 shopping rewards app, creating an ecosystem of consumers, brands, and retailers driving value and insights for each. Some of our leading retail and brand partners include American Eagle Outfitters, American Greetings, Best Buy, Clorox, Coty, Marshalls, Nestle, P&G, Starbucks and TJ Maxx, among others. Shopkick is available for free on the iPhone from the App Store and for Android from Google Play. Press Contacts: Katherine Madariaga[email protected](415) 602-4395
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