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Nobot Inc. Reports Japanese iPhone and Android Users Survey

April 11, 2011
Submitted by Nobot Inc.

Nobot Inc. (Main office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kiyotaka Kobayashi) which administers the Ad Network "AdMaker" for smartphones, put out a survey study for iPhone and Android users in March, and will announce the results.

With the increase of iPhones and Android-equipped devices in Japan, it is thought that the number of Smartphone users is growing large. In order for us to create smartphone applications and implement a market for advertising, it is imperative that we achieve an understanding of our user demographic. From now on, we here at Nobot Inc. will perform studies such as our latest one at regular intervals, we will be able to constantly continue to offer brand-new data.
For this study, we put out a survey from March 18th, 2011 to March 24th, 2011 to iPhone/Android users with AdMaker installed. We received a total of 872 responses from iPhone and Android users combined.

Survey Period : 03/18/2011 ~ 03/24/2011
Survey Method : A banner displayed inside the application which directed users to the survey page.
Surveyed Area : All countries
Target Demographic : iPhone/Android users using the application
Valid Responses : iPhone user surveys: 469, Android user surveys : 403

Furthermore, in July 2010, we at Nobot. Inc., together with VRI Inc. put out a similar survey (below, "2010 study"), which we will add in comparison and make an official announcement. article)

Overview of Survey Results
1.User Age and Gender
Regarding gender, there was little difference observed with iPhone users at 68.9% male, 31.1% female and Android users at 69.5% male, 30.5% female. In terms of age, 11.1% of iPhone users were under twenty, 30.5% in their 20s, 32.6% in their 30s, 17.3% in their 40s, 3.4% in their 50s, and 0.6% in their 60s. However, 14.4% of Android users were under twenty, 36.5% in their 20s, 28.3% in their 30s, 15.9% in their 40s, 4.5% in their 50s, and 0.5% in their 60s showing that Android has few users in their thirties but more users in their teens and twenties.

2. User Professions
Regarding professions, 70.1% of iPhone users were employed and 21.3% of users were students while 70.7% of Android users were employed with 20.3% being students. In the "2010 Survey", 76.6% iPhone users were employed and 8.9% were students. That is meaning notable spread to student users.

3. Tools Used Often in Daily Life
Regarding "most used items such as news browsers, transfer information for trains, etc., and shop searches", 68.9% of iPhone users used free applications and 24.5% used free websites compared to 79.9% and 18.6% for Android users showing a clear tendency of Android users to use free applications over websites.

4. Viewing of Advertisements in Free Applications
Regarding advertisements in free applications, the percentage of iPhone users who said they "view" advertisements increased from 51.6% to 57.1% when compared with the "2010 Survey". Looking at this, it appears that the advertising model for free applications has become widespread and the number of users who are checking to see what sort of advertisements are being distributed is increasing.

5. Application Downloads Based on Recommendations from Others
When asked "Have you ever downloaded an application because a friend or acquaintance recommended it?", 81.7% of iPhone users and 60.0% of Android users answered "Yes" marking a large divide between iPhone/Android. This may be due to the fact that there are fewer opportunities for Android users to recommend applications between friends and acquaintances.

Survey Results Report
The report of these survey results can be downloaded below.

About AdMaker
“AdMaker” is a service to assist in maximizing advertising profits for those who manage smartphone targeted websites, as well as those who develop smartphone applications for iPhone/Android and other platforms. As of March of 2011, approximately 1.1 billion ads have been shown through pay-per-click advertising networks, and more than 1,900 SDKs have been distributed. “AdMaker” offers both pay-per-click advertising, which is billed based on the number of clicks received, and CPM (cost per impression) advertising, which is billed based on the number of times the ad appears, and Reward advertising, which is billed based on the number of the number of the apps installations.

Company name : Nobot Inc.
Established : 1st April 2009
Address : 10F Omori Raruta Building, 3-27-6, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0023, JAPAN
Business : Adnetwork for Smartphone Apps & Sites

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