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This 30 minute webinar appeals to anyone with a stake in the rapidly growing and evolving beacon ecosystem. Reveal Mobile partners with The Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) and Swirl Networks to share new uses for beacons and never-before-seen data about the audiences bumping into beacons across the US.
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It's no secret that companies, brands, and retailers are deploying beacons by the tens of thousands. The majority of the use cases we read about focus on one primary use case for beacons: the push notification. Walk in to a store, have that store's app on your phone, the app detects the beacon, the app sends you a push notification based upon that beacon bump. This type of marketing, when done right, holds big potential for mobile marketing. We believe that there's even bigger potential to use beacons for two different reasons. Retargeting Attribution Because beacons work passively in the background, they enable companies to build bigger audiences. Using lat/long to place someone at a location typically requires that person to pen their phone at that location. Even then, the accuracy is pretty poor. There's a key point here: beacons build bigger audiences than lat/long. We analyzed visitors to the retail locations of the four major mobile carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The result are pretty incredible. Verizon, which has beacons installed nationwide, builds audiences that were 200-300% larger than their peers. So what?

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Cuebiq Enters Business Intelligence Marketplace and Launches New Interactive Attribution Dashboard, VisitQ
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Raleigh, NC - October 1, 2015. Reveal Mobile, the leading mobile audience data platform for media properties, announces a partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Sinclair) to be their mobile audience data provider. By including Reveal Mobile in their roster of news and weather apps, Sinclair bolsters their sales effort potential by providing advertisers with target audiences across a nationwide presence of apps.

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Reveal Mobile
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"Print is dead!" 

It’s a cry we have been hearing for the last few years in the print and digital worlds.

Although some print may have been replaced by digital methods, we all know that print still has a crucial place in telling people about our brands, businesses and products.

With the introduction of the iPhone and the rapid evolution of smartphones and tablets, users could access the web wherever they were. They also became consistently accessible, with most mobile device owners becoming so attached to the technology that they never had it far from them and they never turned it off.  By far the biggest single piece of new information that is available from consumers’ mobile devices is the accurate location of the device, powered by the onboard GPS that has become a hallmark of all modern smartphones.