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Dubai, June 2024.  Nabd, the premier platform for Arabic content, announces the launch of Nabd Gold, a subscription service that offers users a premium ad-free experience on Nabd. This exciting new feature underscores Nabd’s commitment to delivering a superior, uninterrupted user experience while accessing a wide range of content.

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Nabd, the premier platform for Arabic content, is proud to announce the launch of its Self-Serve Nabd Ad Manager (available at, designed to empower businesses to effectively reach and engage with millions of Arabic audiences worldwide, in a transparent and cost efficient manner, while leveraging Nabd’s unique advertising solutions and targeting capabilities.

Diverse Campaign Options for Targeted Objectives

The Product Originated At A Recent Company Hackathon Event 8th July 2014:
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Komli Media
IMImobile powers ‘The Kleek’ - Universal Music Group’s pioneering Music Service for Africa

London, UK March 18th, 2013 – IMImobile, a leading global specialist provider of mobile services to telecom operators, enterprises and media companies, today announced it powers the Kleek, a new pioneering pan-African mobile music streaming service from Universal Music Group.

Somo (, the largest independent global mobile marketing company, today announces the launch of its latest app, the Top Gear Aston Martin One-77 Special, produced for Top Gear Magazine. 

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inneractive Changes the Game for Mobile Monetization
Introduces First Mobile Hybrid Mediation Technology at Mobilize
SAN FRANCISCO – September 20, 2012 – Mobile app monetization exchange, inneractive today announced a significant evolution to their
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