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Location Privacy Alliance

We believe that the industry has only begun to scratch the surface on the potential of location data to fuel genuinely personalized and meaningful services. It is for this reason that the MMA brought together a group of like-minded professionals and subject matter experts to develop self-regulatory principles that are exceptional and honored by all constituents to ensure that we unlock the potential of this technology ethically.

Initiatives within the Location Privacy Alliance (LPA)

  1. Work group 1: Hippocratic Oath
    Develop an Hippocratic Oath–for the ethical use of Precise Location Data (PLD) for marketing or advertising purposes. The LPA Oath is intended to guide companies within the mobile ecosystem so that they can effectively and responsibly leverage Precise Location Data in a way that is designed to benefit consumers.

  2. Work group 2 – Regulatory Strategies & Education
    We’re developing Regulatory Strategies & Education for ongoing dialogue (if/when possible) at state and federal levels, as well as with the press and industry. The workgroup is focusing on a series of talking points that align with key themes:
    1. Context (valid examples of use of ‘Precise location data’)
    2. Consent (describing how consent and opt-in are best received and honored)
    3. Usage (dispelling myths around how ‘Precise location data’ is used, from ad targeting to attribution to analytics)
    4. Sensitive Points of Interest (derived directly from the Hippocratic Oath)
    5. Key Takeaways (touching on the importance of self-regulation)
  3. Work group 3 – Differential Privacy
    Investigate how Differential Privacy can be applied to de-identify ‘Precise location data’ and whether there are non-proprietary techniques that can be widely considered and adopted.

  4. Work group 4 – Location Data Quality & Accuracy
    This workgroup is still in the early stages but we aim to leverage partner relationships to establish a “truth set” for location data that will serve as baseline to audit the ‘Precise location data’ that is currently being used in marketing and advertising. (In conjunction with the Media Rating Council)

Committee Member Companies Include