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MMA Mobile Video Leadership Forum

Mobile Video Leadership Forum: Sight, Sound and Storytelling

Personal and tactile, at once mass-targeted and intimate, mobile is revolutionizing business and marketing, creating new industries and developing unprecedented brand engagement and loyalty. Inextricably woven into the buying journey and consumer lifecycle, mobile creates the most direct and closest connection brands can have with their customers. This is the Mobile Imperative.

New for 2017, the MMA’s first Mobile Video Leadership Forum: Sight, Sound and Storytelling, will focus on how mobile, as the ultimate engagement tool, offers the most powerful opportunity for storytelling. As a result of this unprecedented level of consumer connection and to fully tap the power of sight, sound and storytelling, brands need to understand the importance of creative variety, strategic rotations, frequency considerations and more. Join us on March 21 (NYC) for this one-day event where you’ll learn everything you need to fully exploit the power of mobile video and how to make it work for your brand.

The one-day MMA Leadership Forums are developed by marketers for marketers and explore one mobile topic in-depth. They are dedicated to building capabilities for brands by delivering tangible strategies that leverage mobile as imperative to meeting marketing objectives. Attendees will be able to participate in a variety of roundtable discussions during lunch with a guest facilitator, a signature experience of the one-day Forums, making it the perfect combination of learning and networking that you can’t afford to miss.

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