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MMA Modern Marketing Talk 2023

July 3, 2023

09.00 AM - 05.00 PM Jakarta time

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta


Modern Marketing Talk 2023 comes at a time when the marketing and advertising industry is at an inflection point. With the current economic uncertainty and evolving digital regulations, the need to rethink marketing innovation has never been greater. Modern Marketing Talk is a capability-building series, led by industry experts, to empower the industry with the necessary tools and strategies that will contribute towards #ArchitectingBusinessImpact and drive the conversations forward. 

This is the second year MMA Global Indonesia is holding the Modern Marketing Talk event. 

Why this event is important:

Disruption has long been the norm in the marketing and advertising industry, but in 2023, the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. Indonesia, despite the challenges, has a distinct advantage because of its digitally-savvy population and a rapidly growing number of internet and mobile phone users. Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and its digital industry has undergone tremendous growth since 2019. In fact, research points out that the industry is expected to grow to US$ 130 billion by 2025. Moreover, the latest data points out that the number of internet users had reached an astounding 212.9 million at the start of 2023. With a 77% internet penetration rate, Indonesia has immense potential for customer centric and growth-oriented marketers. Up to 60.4% of the population used social media.

In Indonesia, the MarTech, AdTech landscape is expanding, with personalization and data privacy being the focal point. A study points out that consumers are demanding more personalised search experiences. It is critical that businesses and brands must be agile and adapt to the evolving landscape. Brands must continuously refine their MarTech and AdTech strategies to always be ahead of the curve, engage audiences more effectively and create impactful campaigns. 

Modern Marketing Talk 2023 is curated to provide marketing and advertising leaders, industry experts and professionals local trends along with the latest data to equip them with the valuable resources and information needed to navigate the dynamic situations in their respective industries. 

Data and Insights for Indonesia:

Building upon the foundational insights gained from last year’s Brand Safety & MarTech Report, which tackled matters such as Ad Fraud, Brand Safety, Media Quality, Cross Channel, AR & AI, Shoppertainment, Programatic and the disruption caused by the exponential rise in the use of smartphones, Modern Marketing Talk 2023 will direct the focus to the latest cutting-edge trends that are vital components of a marketer’s toolkit. In addition to leveraging MarTech and AdTech strategies, we will place a strong emphasis on areas such as conversational commerce, retail media industry and the ever-shifting consumer journey to name a few.

Conversational commerce holds immense value for businesses in Indonesia. A report  revealed that an astonishing 94% of consumers in Indonesia expressed a likelihood of purchasing products and services from retailers and brands that respond well during chat interactions. Businesses and brands will stand to gain significantly by integrating conversational commerce tools into their sales funnel.

Another study underscores the importance of retail media. It pointed out that 99% of Asia’s marketers are investing in retail media in 2023. Marketers and advertisers in the Indonesian digital space should incorporate retail media in their strategy if they want to stay ahead of the competition. 

One of the highlights of the event is the release of The Brand Safety & MarTech Report 2023. Participants of Modern Marketing Talk 2023 will be among the first to access this invaluable report. 

The Key Topics and Challenges that will be addressed:

Modern Marketing Talk 2023 provides an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the marketing and advertising industry’s future trends. Participants will gain valuable insights on how to chart the way ahead. The sessions will explore the convergence of Data Privacy, Retail Media, Customer Journey and Conversational Commerce among many others.

Furthermore, there will be sessions that will provide a holistic look at MarTech and AdTech strategies that will inspire innovative approaches that will propel brands and businesses towards success. 

Who all should join us:

Modern Marketing Talk 2023 has always been attended by Chairpersons, Directors, C-level Executives, GM’s and Founders/Co-Founders and Head of Departments from all industries primarily Brands/Marketers, Agencies, Telecommunication Industries, Media/Publishers, E-Commerce, Startups, Ad Network & AdTech Companies, Research Companies and is open for everyone interested to learn more about the above topics from the leading experts in the industry. 


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