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Mobile: The Relationship Channel

Mobile: The Relationship Channel
April, 2014
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The global ad market is on a path of steady recovery, with growth of 3.5% forecast for 2013, followed by 5.1% in 2014 and 5.8% in 2015, according to the latest ZenithOptimedia forecasts. This growth is being driven by digital innovations, with mobile, by some distance, the fastest-growing segment of internet advertising.

As the consumer attention shifts to the screens held in the hand, logic therefore dictates that advertisers also spend their efforts where their consumers are -- the mobile channel.

And as advertisers attempt to make their businesses more productive and boost customer satisfaction and trust, loyalty and CRM programmes are becoming ubiquitous in marketing strategies.

But given that there is a rapid change in consumer habits – the expectation that any desired information or service is available on our mobile devices – how can marketers keep up and win new customers, keep existing ones loyal and increase engagement and grow commitment to the brand? The answer, not surprisingly, is being where the customer is. The mobile.

Without a doubt, loyalty programmes are an effective way of attracting, retaining and turning consumers into a company’s profitable, and most importantly, the most engaged and therefore valuable customer. In Europe almost 80% of the population is signed up to some kind of loyalty programme. And as the number of mobile devices and their usage continues to rise, marketers will have no choice but to meet their consumers on their desired devices. Mobile is the one true medium that connects the digital to the real world.

The aims for different companies could be varied – from driving specific customer activity to repeat purchase to learning more about the customer – but the essence of all loyalty programmes is to establish a higher value relationship between the business and its customers.

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