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Express Delivers #OneHotDate Using Rich Media Messaging

July 18, 2014
Submitted by Iris Mobile

It was one hot Valentine’s Day for Express shoppers as the retailer worked with Iris Mobile to create a special holiday campaign using Rich Media Messaging (RMM).

In partnership with Fandango, the #OneHotDate campaign helped to create a romantic holiday weekend for Express customers and their significant others. This was done by delivering engaging conte
nt via RMM and rewarding shoppers with a pair of free Fandango movie tickets that were valid for Valentine’s Day weekend.

In order to qualify for the tickets, shoppers simply needed to spend $100, in store or online, during the promotional period and then text into the campaign with the codes printed on their receipts. After the message was sent and validated, customers then received a code to redeem on the Fandango site. They keywords used for the campaign included: ONE, HOT and DATE.

With RMM, Iris Mobile helped Express to share Hollywood romance directly with their customer’s mobile device for Valentine’s Day. The campaign enabled the retailer to engage directly with loyal customers in a way which is difficult to accomplish effectively with a number of other marketing tools.

“Rich Media Messaging allows us to visually bring a campaign to life without the text and character limitations imposed by traditional text-based SMS,” said Eric Gohs, Director of Digital Marketing at Express, Columbus, OH. “And our #OneHotDate campaign and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time with the strong visuals and unique offer with Fandango.”

While RMM brought the #OneHotDate campaign to life, it also drove consumer engagement as well as overall sales. This innovative campaign comes on the heels of the successful use of Iris Mobile’s RMM to deliver the annual Express Holiday Passbook of Savings (PBOS) digitally and directly to mobile phones last November. Iris Mobile provides the only market solution that allows rich media messages to be delivered perfectly to any mobile device running on any operating system and on any wireless carrier. The first-of-its-kind mobile marketing platform enables brands to send interactive messages containing pictures, videos, coupons, promotions, extended text and web links, and to track campaign analytics for consumer behavior. RMM engagement rates are the highest in the industry with redemption rates at 35%, almost double the rates for SMS.