VTech: VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace

Campaign Summary

The world of toy advertising is intensely competitive. Large and established brands like Fisher-Price and Hasbro make it harder for challenger brands like VTech to break through the clutter. To promote the Enchanted Princess Palace, VTech captured the attention of moms, showcased the product’s unique and interactive functionalities, and convinced them to buy it for their kids through an interactive mobile video ad campaign.


Objective and Context:

In 2014, VTech launched the Go! Go! Smart (GGS) portfolio of brands. As an innovator in kids’ technology, VTech developed a new interactive technology for its products called MagicPoint. To promote its new toy, the Enchanted Princess Palace, the brand focused on driving awareness by positioning the product as the best option based on its unique MagicPoint technology.

Target Audience:

VTech conducted a deep-dive study on its target audience, millennial moms, to uncover the role that media played in their lives, attitudes, and behaviors. The brand learned that millennial moms are decidedly different than their predecessors in that they are incredibly efficient and digitally savvy.

  • 96 percent of millennial moms watch mobile video regularly, with over 25 percent watching over an hour a day.
  • Millennial moms are twice as likely to watch mobile video on editorial sites.
  • 51 percent of millennial moms engaged with an ad because it was about a product they were interested in.

In addition, they are the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S., accounting for a growing percentage of annual household spending.

Creative Strategy:

Mobile video was the obvious solution to capturing their attention, but to break through the clutter, VTech needed to create a compelling narrative and invite moms to engage further after watching the video.


Overall Campaign Execution:

It was important for VTech to keep millennial moms’ mobile-first mentality top of mind to achieve results. The brand used mobile videos to show children happily engaged with the product’s unique and interactive functionalities. Targeting moms on smartphone and tablet devices, among the top entertainment, music, news, lifestyle, and gaming apps, AdColony incorporated mobile device functionalities, such as interactive elements, audio clips, pop-ups, and buttons to capture moms’ attention and maximize engagement

Mobile Execution:

VTech partnered with AdColony to drive the brand’s awareness by tapping into the platform’s premium publisher network and leveraging its custom mobile-first creative units. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a custom Instant Play Video HD and Dynamic End Card that showed moms how the Enchanted Princess Palace delivered maximum fun along with developmental and educational benefits. The mobile video unit virtually immersed moms into the princess palace, enabling them to experience the palace’s interactive characters and playsets first-hand after completing the video.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The collaboration yielded phenomenal results, smashing campaign benchmarks. The mobile video drove 230,000 engagements and a 6.2 percent overall engagement rate, exceeding the engagement rate benchmark by 103 percent. To top it off, users who engaged with the video also spent an average of 10.74 seconds interacting with the Dynamic End Card.

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