Kozy Shack: Kozy Shack and inMarket: Extreme Pudding Shortage

Campaign Summary

Kozy Shack pudding needed a way to engage customers at the moment of purchase, where too often consumers were choosing yogurt over pudding. By partnering with the in-store mobile platform inMarket, the brand was able to deliver an ad to shoppers as they were shopping that used reverse psychology to drive sales.


Objective and Context:

For most consumer packaged goods brands, communicating at the point-of-purchase can be the factor that pushes a consumer to buy. Shoppers are inclined to make compulsory decisions in the aisles, and the brands that can grab attention via mobile can win big. As a pudding brand, this moment in the customer journey was crucial, as yogurt often wins the “battle at the shelf.”

Target Audience:

Kozy Shack wanted to go beyond basic demographics, and targeted consumers who regularly visited stores that sold the brand’s products, segmenting audiences by the types of stores they visited (e.g., Walmart versus Whole Foods). The brand partnered with inMarket, a mobile-at-retail marketing platform, to reach out to shoppers based on their individual purchase cycles.

Creative Strategy:

Mobile is the only medium that stays with shoppers throughout the entire purchase funnel, providing in-store access to brands in ways that didn’t previously exist. Kozy Shack’s strategy was to drive awareness via desktop display and mobile web ads powered by mobile location data before store visits, and deploy location-based in-app ads inside the store to drive sales.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Kozy Shack deployed its mobile in-store “Extreme Pudding Shortage” campaign nationally in the U.S. from September through November 2016. Awareness-building ads were delivered across digital display and mobile web to consumers in Kozy Shack’s customized audience segments (for example, people who shopped at Whole Foods). These ads were targeted at the individual level to reach consumers nearing their next store visit based on their mobile location patterns relating to grocery stores. Inside the store, the brand engaged shoppers with a push notification via the inMarket app, which delivered a full-page ad alerting them to the “Extreme Pudding Shortage.” The ad used reverse psychology, asking shoppers to refrain from purchasing pudding in their region.

Mobile Execution:

The inMarket mobile platform was a vital component to the campaign. Kozy Shack leveraged its partner’s location-based, in-store marketing infrastructure to engage shoppers at the moment of highest relevance, and retarget them throughout the purchase funnel.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign quickly became one of the highest-performing inMarket campaigns of all time, generating more than 156,000 overall impressions and more than 35,000 full-screen, in-store mobile engagements. Brand awareness was lifted 44.7 percent, and purchase intent increased 12.3 times for Kozy Shack pudding.

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