Samsung Vietnam: Samsung 900km from Home

Campaign Summary

Samsung was struggling to connect with its Vietnamese consumers. To demonstrate how its technology could improve their lives, Samsung helped a soldier virtually connect with his family who lived 900 kilometers (roughly 560 miles) away. Using its Galaxy Gear Virtual Reality headset, Samsung reunited the soldier with his family for the first time in three years. The story was broadcast through online and offline channels, generating close to eight million views.


Objective and Context:

Samsung’s marketing approach had traditionally focused on launching products and features. Consumers were clear on what the brand did, but not why the brand did it. Samsung defined the human-centric purpose of its brand for Vietnamese consumers. It wanted to create an emotional connection by putting forth the brand story of why it pushes the limits of technology so people can have an enhanced standard of living.

Target Audience:

Samsung’s campaign targeted Vietnamese consumers from ages 22 to 35.

Creative Strategy:

To tell the human story of Samsung to Vietnamese consumers, the company needed a story that would resonate. The company used Tet, or the lunar new year. For Vietnamese soldiers stationed on remote islands, celebrating Tet with their families is a distant dream. Samsung followed a real story of a soldier’s family and captured a documentary-styled piece addressing the challenges of being in two places at once.

The featured soldier, Dang Van Hoa, had been stationed on Ly Son Island and had not been home for many Tet occasions. His home and family were 900 kilometers apart. Through Samsung technology, the company helped him to celebrate Tet with his family in a new way. Using Samsung Galaxy Gear Virtual Reality (VR), Samsung set up Vietnam’s first live-streaming virtual reality Tet reunion, bringing Hoa “home” for the first time in three years.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Using the mobile technologies of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Gear VR, Samsung successfully reunited Hoa and his family for the annual Tet celebration. The story was broadcast through online and offline channels, enabling millions of Vietnamese to watch and understand the meaning behind Samsung’s technology.

Mobile Execution:

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR was a crucial part of the “900km from Home” story. Utilizing imported VR live-streaming technology, the company established a 900-kilometer broadband connection between Hoa’s house and Ly Son Island and projected audio and visual data directly to the Gear VR headset.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Samsung launched the 900km from Home initiative to demonstrate the role its technology plays in people’s lives, aiming to reach a new level of brand love and strengthening its connections with consumers. The reunion between the soldier and his family was aired on the eve of Tet. The video generated close to eight million views on YouTube and Facebook. Samsung’s brand perception against key competitors improved across divisions.

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