L'Oreal Paris Men Expert: Comfort Max Moji Weather App Campaign



Client: L’Oreal Paris
Product: Men Expert's Comfort Max
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Mindshare China
Country: China
Award Entry Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

As the leading male skincare brand in China, L’Oreal Paris Men Expert was focused on expanding the category. Unfortunately, most guys in China didn’t think about their skin, nor did they have the time to learn about it. Given how stressed and busy they are, skincare seemed to be the least of their concerns.

Men Expert created a product specifically for this always-in-a-rush modern man, Comfort Max, which helps protect and repair skin from constant temperature change. The trick was getting guys to pay attention to a skincare product that they didn’t even know they needed.

Focusing on men ages 18-35, Mindshare China wanted the brand to own every single moment where the indoor and outdoor temperatures varied by eight degrees or more across all of China with hyper-localized creative based on exact location and conditions.


Objective and Context

To reach the target, Mindshare China partnered with the biggest weather app in China, Moji Weather app, to ensure that the right message would be delivered in the most relevant way possible every single time.

The app’s famous weather avatar, Mr. Mo, was used to deliver the message.

When temperatures were dramatically different inside and out, Men Expert’s Comfort Max would be there with a specific offer -- and Mindshare China would deliver the message with unique creative tailored to the specific location of the guy holding the phone at that very moment. This was a 100 percent mobile campaign.


Creative Strategy

China is massive, not just from a population perspective, but geographically. In December, it might be -30 degrees (°C) in the northern tip of Harbin and be a balmy 25 degrees (°C) in a southern city like Sanya. So the agency divided China into six regions and looked at historical weather data to set the temperature threshold for each region.

China also is extremely varied culturally. People across regions are inspired, attracted and entertained by different things. This is the beauty of China, but it necessitated further complexity in the campaign’s execution.

To catch the attention of consumers in different regions, Mindshare China created 20 versions of the app’s regular avatar, Mr. Mo. Each version of Mr. Mo included a local touch, such as a regional costume or local cultural element. Mr. Mo greeted users in their local dialect.

When men clicked on Mr. Mo, they were taken to a page where detailed indoor and outdoor temperature differences were shown. Mr. Mo provided them, in their local dialect, a coupon to the nearest Watson’s store to redeem and purchase Comfort Max.



Mindshare China was able to show its weather-, geographical- and culturally-targeted creative nearly 190 million times. The fun, cheeky Mr. Mo attracted more than 12 million users in engagement, 20 percent more than an average campaign. Coupon requests had 30 times the conversion of an average campaign.





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