Lazada: Lazada: Hitting the Bull’s Eye in Indonesia

Campaign Summary

Lazada is a leading e-commerce player in southeast Asia. With a solid presence on desktop, the brand was looking to expand its business into the mobile arena in Indonesia. Lazada sought to create a colossal shift in traditional Indonesian shopper habits by tapping into the growing opportunities that mobile provided. It created a mobile shopping experience that used innovative native advertisements to reach out to the right people at the right time.


Objective and Context:

Indonesia has the largest mobile internet user base in southeast Asia; over 28 percent of the population accesses the internet exclusively through their phones. Lazada wanted to expand its business and disrupt traditional shopping behaviors by encouraging more consumers to shop on mobile instead of at the mall or at mom-and-pop shops. The brand's primary objective was bring about a massive change in the way that Indonesians purchased goods by gaining their trust and encouraging them to start buying on their phones. The optimized shopping experience aimed not only to let the world know about the m-commerce possibility but to convert passive visitors into valuable clients.

Target Audience:

The target audience was shoppers with mobile internet capabilities. Indonesia's expanding middle class is increasingly using their smartphones for e-commerce, video calling, streaming, and gaming.

Creative Strategy:

The idea for the campaign was to tap into the convenience and immediacy of Indonesians' smartphones with a user-friendly enjoyable experience via natively placed ads. Lazada's "Hitting the Bull's Eye in Indonesia" campaign created an optimized immersive mobile shopping experience via native placements on one of Indonesia's most popular internet browsers, Opera Mini.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Lazada adopted a three-step approach to execute this campaign:

  1. Drive traffic. To drive a high volume of visitors to the Lazada mobile website, the brand enabled unique native placements, such as speed dials, double feature boxes, and in-feed ads, on the Opera Mini browser.
  2. Analyze Consumer Behavior. Lazada analyzed each consumer’s shopping preferences to design an optimized shopping experience for Opera Mini users. Every other day, the browser’s speed dial ad was linked to different destinations within the mobile store to show consumers the wide array of products available on Lazada.
  3. Design Mobile Shopping Experience. Finally, by tapping into its knowledge of users’ behavior, the brand enhanced consumers’ mobile experiences by addressing them with exclusive offers to high-value products. Using deep links in the native ads, shoppers were directed to the Lazada mobile store where they could select the product that was featured. These landing pages were optimized for mobile to create the most user-friendly shopping experience.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile was at the center of Lazada's creative strategy. To disrupt shoppers' behavior, Lazada created a personalized storefront that put convenience in the hands of Indonesia's smartphone users and made it easy to discover by blending the ads with the Internet access. The brand created an end-to-end experience exclusively using the native placements of just one publisher, Opera Mini. This allowed Lazada to become the natural choice of m-commerce since it was recommended by one of the leading mobile browsers in the country.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign exceeded all expectations. Over the course of 12 months, it generated brand awareness, reaching 30 million users per month and boasting over 1.5 million monthly active users. This drove off-the-chart engagement levels, with over 26 million total sessions and approximately 1,030 sales transactions per day, resulting in a 360 percent return on ad spend. Most importantly, Lazada saw compelling behavior change among Indonesian shoppers. By the end of 2015, mobile made up 60 percent of Lazada's total sales and the brand became the top e-commerce site on one of the most popular internet browsers in Indonesia.

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