Nokia: Nokia 1520 Storyteller


Client: Nokia Corporation
Product: Nokia
Category: Telecommunications
Agency: Silverstone
Country: South Africa
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Finnish multinational communications and information technology company Nokia wanted to create product awareness for the Nokia Lumia 1520 phone. Nokia developed a highly immersive rich media touch-screen kiosk experience that emulated the Storyteller application that comes standard on the phone and allowed visitors on the kiosk to tell their own stories across multiple social networks. As part of this successful campaign, each month a user was selected to win his or her own custom story that he or she had entered via the kiosk.


Objective and Context

Nokia wanted to create product awareness and a strong subscriber base for the Nokia Lumia 1520 phone. Nokia’s goal was to develop a highly immersive rich media touch screen kiosk experience that would be . Over and above paid-media banners and spend, supporting campaigns would be run on Nokia Rewards, Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia to drive additional traffic and increase submissions.

The target audience was existing Nokia Lumia users and their peers who used competitive smart phones. This audience, both male and female, were middle to upper-middle income. The general target segment was aged 15-49, making up a total audience of between 6.6 - 10 million consumers in South Africa. However, Nokia specifically focused the campaign on young trendy consumers who use social media on their mobile phones.


Creative Strategy

Visitors to the Nokia kiosk registered, selected a location, selected a number of activities and adventures in which they were interested. Visitors then shared their stories across multiple social networks. As a bonus, visitors received a printed version of their own custom story after submitting and sharing the story using the kiosk, allowing further reach of the both the campaign and the product. Once a month a visitor was selected to win the story that he or she had submitted via the kiosk.

The kiosk was run on a massive 60-inch screen and formed the major focus point for all activations. It was supported by a multi-screen installation showcasing both the captured stories and the product.

Nokia deployed 10 mall activations around South Africa. Visitors could:

  • Have their picture taken by a brand ambassador on the actual 1520 device, where their details were captured and their picture was made instantly available on the kiosk’s massive center touch-screen. Registration could be done on the phone, on the touch-screen, directly on the site or via the visitor’s Facebook details.
  • Select their picture and then select up to five geographic locations within South Africa where they would like to go on their adventure.
  • Select up to four friends either by directly pulling in their Facebook friends through the kiosk using Facebook’s API or entering their names on the touch-screen.
  • Select up to three activities from multiple-themed categories such as Adrenaline Rush, The Great Outdoors, Food & Nightlife and Arts & Culture, with each category containing over 15 different activities.
  • Review their own personalised story, which would be displayed around the activation and mall on a custom-built multi-screen solution
  • Receive an on-the-spot printed version of their story to take home and show their friends.
  • Return to the stand if they purchased their Lumia 1520 in the mall and win on-the-spot prizes.


Below are the results of the campaign:

  • The campaign was extremely successful. Nokia achieved a large number of engagements at the mall activations, over 110,000 unique sessions online and a large number of submitted stories. A huge portion of traffic was also driven to product pages on the Nokia global and community websites.
  • Following the success of the kiosk, the Storyteller application was further optimized and deployed as both a web and Mobi solution. To increase interaction and reach, Nokia even deployed the app as a Mxit Bot. Mxit is a free instant messaging application that runs on devices all over South Africa, including feature phones, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and tablets.



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