Micromax: Doodle 2 Awareness Campaign


Client: Micromax
Product: Doodle 2 phone
Category: Telecommunications
Agency: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Interactive Avenues created a mobile rich media campaign for Micromax’s Doodle 2 phone, allowing smartphone users to doodle on a bigger screen.


Objective and Context

The objective of the mobile campaign for Doodle 2 was to highlight the creative release that doodling offers while showcasing it on a big screen.

The brand only targeted small-screen smartphone users, as they were the ones most likely to understand the problem of a small screen. It seemed perfect for these users to experience the large screen and all they could do with it.

The mobile rich media banner for Doodle 2 was a complete replication of the mobile app itself. The user could experience the entire functionality of the pre-loaded doodle application of the phone. After the user was finished doodling on his or her phone, they were asked a question: “How would you like to do this on a 5.7 inch phone?” The idea was to give the user an excellent doodling experience and then get them to question whether this experience could be further improved.


Creative Strategy

With the target of reaching out to small-screen mobile users in place, ad networks were used to target them based on their mobile handset, location and interest categories.

The unique selling proposition of the new Canvas Doodle was the doodling app. Users can employ their stylus and bring out their creativity on the app. In order to show this to all users of small smartphone screens, Interactive Avenues made the app and replicated it on the mobile rich media banner. All the features of the Canvas Doodle app were made available to non- Canvas Doodle app users.



The campaign resulted in very high engagement rates. More than 23,000 doodles were created and shared via the mobile banner. In addition, more than 450,000 people engaged with the banner over the period of one month.

At least 31,000 handsets were sold exclusively through this mobile campaign.





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