Snickers: Spell Bound


Client: Mars, Inc.
Product: Snickers
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: MediaCom Communications
Country: India
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

A Snickers bar offers the perfect convenient, and tasty, answer -- a solution for when people are on the go but feeling hungry and making silly mistakes because they are not quite on their game. Using search engine ads, we injected a bit of uniquely Snickers humor into real-life misspelling incidents. Each time someone misspelled a word searching on Google, they received a tailored message to “Grab yourself a Snikkers as Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie.” By doing so, MediaCom capitalized on the growing use of touch screen mobile to promote Snickers. The campaign was a great success. It reached out to more than 250,000 people within a month, and the cost per click on the ad was less than a brand, category or competition keywords.


Objective and Context

People tend to behave in a finicky and restless manner, like typecast Bollywood heroines, when they are hungry. Physically people are low on energy and are easily tired. Psychologically, hunger makes people irritable, cranky and even angry. In 2012 Snickers launched a successful TV campaign with the insight that “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” MediaCom’s new angle on the TV campaign was that people also make mistakes when hungry. Misspelling words when searching online is one of the most common errors, with more than 10 million misspelled searches every single day. That’s three misspellings every second. This was identified as a key moment where MediaCom could communicate to people and create awareness about the Snickers brand. MediaCom executed the campaign on mobile.


Creative Strategy

The strategy on mobile that MediaCom adopted was to communicate the Snickers brand to potentially hungry consumers. The challenge was to identify moments when people were both hungry, and unaware that they need a snack.

With 40 percent of searches happening on mobile devices, consumers tend to misspell words easily, due to the touch screen of the mobile devices. Ten million words are misspelled every day on Google. By bidding exclusively on these searches, MediaCom planned to promote Snickers across the web.

MediaCom constructed a list of keywords that were a combination of the top misspelled words searched on Google and came up with a list of 8,543 Misspelled Keywords. This strategy was cost effective. MediaCom knew that it didn’t need to spend much to reach large numbers of people: No one else was bidding on misspelled terms. Using misspelled words in search copy is usually contrary to global Adwords guidelines.

MediaCom worked closely with Google to get special dispensation for the campaign to run. While making its misspelled keywords list MediaCom incorporated more keywords that would been searched more from mobile -- for instance, facebok (Facebook), twiter (twitter), t20 word cup (t20 World Cup).



 The campaign was a great success. It reached more than 250,000 people within a month. The first ad that people saw who misspelled the words was a Snickers ad.  The cost per click on the ad was less than a brand, category, or competition keywords. The clickthrough rate was, surprisingly, an impressive 3.13 percent -- better than expected. MediaCom brought in more than 8,000 visitors to Snicker’s Facebook page. The ad reached more than 95,000 people and had click through rate of 4.25 percent. The clickthrough rate surpassed other platforms.


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