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Intelligent Mobile Advertising Finds Its Place in Social Networking Communities (AirG)

June 13, 2006

Intelligent Mobile Advertising Finds Its Place in Social Networking Communities

AirG Announces Release of Community Marketing Engine Software Solution

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 10, 2006 – AirG, the global leader in powering mobile communities and wireless social networking announced today the commercial availability of its Community Marketing Engine (CME).  CME is a revolutionary software solution that enables mobile operators, marketers and media companies to communicate with consumers in real-time and advertise mobile content such as ringtones, games, and downloadable music and videos in a context-sensitive manner.  With CME, mobile operators and media companies can market value added services in an intelligent and unobtrusive manner by specifically targeting users based on their interests and demographic profile.   

"Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable product pitch,” said Frederick Ghahramani, co-founder and director, AirG.  “Our CME software provides a unique storefront within mobile communities and social networking applications where content that is relevant to a specific user group can be promoted through viral marketing and referrals.”

Community marketing programs that are based on word of mouth marketing have proven extremely successful in the online world, where retailers provide a forum for users to share content and opinions and use this feedback as a valuable conduit for new commerce opportunities.  Leveraging the growing popularity of social networking on mobile phones, AirG’s CME combines community, end-user content, and commerce to enable the delivery of more direct and context-sensitive marketing and promotions. 

Added Ghahramani: “The mobile marketing possibilities that CME enables are endless.  Consider a music community where users are discussing the latest rap song and the CME will intelligently make available full track downloads, ringtones, and wallpapers of some of the top rap artists at that time, or similarly a gaming community that allows users to review mobile games on their phones and within the community third parties can target market relevant wireless games to the active customer base.”  

Mobile communities have proven to be extremely sticky and immersive applications, as is evidenced by the global success of AirG’s private label mobile community solutions, which include CoolTalk on Cingular, Hookt on Boost, and The Lounges on Sprint Nextel.  CME capitalizes on this captive end-user experience by creating a forum where users can access content and new commerce opportunities that directly match their requirements.  By using the feedback that community users have submitted through channels like user generated content forums, chat rooms and profiles, mobile carriers, marketers and media companies gain direct access to their customers and directly fulfill their needs.

CME is available for software licensing by mobile operators, media companies, and content providers seeking to build a community of users around their products and intelligently market value added services within that community.

About AirG
AirG powers mobile communities and wireless social networking. The company’s products and services have a proven track record of increasing customer affinity for leading mobile operators and media companies globally including Sprint Nextel, Cingular, Virgin Mobile, Orange, and MTV Asia. AirG’s mobile community has more than seven million registered users worldwide and is available on more than 85 mobile operators. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company also has offices in the UK and Australia.

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