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#ShapeTheFuture Vietnam

October 26, 2018 | Ho Chi Minh

#ShapetheFuture: Because the future of mobile defines the future of business

Forget disruption…it’s time for transformation. Trans’for.ma’tion – n. - the act, process, or instance of changing in character or condition.”

Mobile isn’t just a marketing channel it’s how people live their lives. It’s transforming businesses across all sectors, automotive, consumer electronics, finance, fmcg, health & beauty, pharma, mcommerce, mobile first, retail, travel to name but a few.

Transformation requires looking to the future, not just thinking about the now, and establishing a vision and strategy to get there...

BUILD your mobile capabilities and be the change-maker in your marketing organization.

At #shapethefuture Vietnam you will become a modern marketer by understanding what it takes to maximize your marketing and mobile efforts, creating deep, authentic connections with your consumers with a key focus on Video advertising . With a marketer led agenda, #shapethefuture Vietnam will deliver tangible marketing strategies to drive business growth and increased ROI. Hear from those leading the charge today while getting a glimpse into the future-keeping you one step ahead of your competition. Join us as we #shapethefuture because the future of mobile is the future of business.

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