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Smarties X - Categories

The SMARTIES Awards is the world’s only global modern marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity, and success.

Judging criteria is as follows: 

Creative: 20%
Strategy: 20%
Execution: 20%
Results (Business Impact): 40%

While achieving the above touchstones are instrumental to success, it is critical to remember that across all entries in all categories, the work must have mobile at its core. To be certain of this, it may help to ask yourself “If we were to remove mobile from this idea/execution, would it still work?”

There are 25 categories which celebrate the channels used by mobile marketers, the sectors they operate in and some special awards for the most innovative brands in the industry. You may enter as many categories as you wish. To increase your chances of winning, consider entering your work in multiple categories and across regions.

New in 2020

In celebration and acknowledgement as to how brands are creating innovative campaigns to connect to their customers and pivoting to help in fighting the coronavirus spread, we have introduced 3 dedicated categories for COVID-19 campaigns. Social Distancing, Pivot Marketing, Social Good. For these campaigns, judges will put less weight on the results section. However, that doesn’t mean you should exclude the impact to your current business or potential shifts it will create for your future marketing efforts.


Multicultural campaigns that represent and demonstrate authentic diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups.

Marketing Objective Categories

There are 6 categories to choose from: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation/Direct Response/Conversions, Product/Services Launch, Promotion, Relationship Building/CRM, Social Impact/Not-For-Profit

Media Categories

There are 8 categories to choose from: Cross Media, Cross Mobile Integration, Mobile Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports, Messaging, Mobile App, Mobile Native, Mobile Search, Mobile Social, Mobile Website 

Technology Categories

There are 10 categories to choose from: Data/Insights (New), Digital Out-of-Home (New), Innovation, Location Based Services or Targeting, Machine Learning and AI (New), mCommerce, Mobile Audio, Mobile Video, VR/AR/MR, The Internet of Things, User Generated (New)

When entering into these categories, you should present your entry in a way that addresses the challenge as outlined in the category definition. Be sure to review the category definitions to ensure your effort meets the criteria of the specific category definition.

Unsure where your campaign would fit best? Contact us, and we will get back to you with recommendations.

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