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Transform to Thrive: Executive Summary

September, 2023

What is the Modern Marketing Reckoner all about?

The rapid advancement of technology and the proliferation of digital platforms have transformed the business landscape, presenting both opportunities and challenges for brands across industries. In the Modern Marketing Reckoner 2023 themed 'Transform to Thrive', several renowned brands share their stories of digital transformation and how they thrived in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Actionable insights you need to implement NOW.

Marketers need to expand their focus on protecting their advertising spends from the rising threat of sophisticated fraud. A critical component in achieving this is ensuring safe inventory to engage the "right audience" with advertising campaigns. Brands must adopt a customer-centric advertising approach, prioritizing the protection and acknowledgement of their consumers' interests & more.

Spotlight on top POVs.

Brand building is imperative to grow pricing power, paying attention to attention metrics in media is key, and nurturing a culture of innovation and a mindset to experiment is fundamental.

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