The Ad Council: GoVoteBot

Campaign Summary

The Ad Council wanted to make the presidential election voting process less confusing for both first-time and experienced voters. It created the GoVoteBot, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that gave voters the information they needed. The Ad Council’s campaign reached more than 80 million people and generated close to 100,000 bot conversations.


Objective and Context:

The Ad Council recognized two main truths about the voting process. First, 43 percent of eligible voters did not vote in the 2012 presidential election. Second, the process can be extremely confusing and hard to navigate as a first-time, young, or even experienced voter. To make matters worse, registration dates and deadlines vary across all 50 states, and can be different across localities within a state. The Ad Council’s goal was to create a simple, straight-forward, easy-to-use solution to give people the information they needed to get to the polls and vote.

The Ad Council created the GoVoteBot, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that gave voters the information they need to vote. Information was detailed, accurate, and bite-sized for every voter to understand. Voters could register to vote, check their registration, and find out where to vote without ever leaving the bot.

Target Audience:

The Ad Council’s target audience consisted of two main audiences: millennials and first-time voters. Both groups found the complications of getting to the polls a main barrier to voting.

Creative Strategy:

The Ad Council identified an opportunity to make the voting process less overwhelming and more streamlined for voters. It also knew that while there are large brands and a public push for registration, a vote is not counted until a ballot is submitted. The Ad Council wanted to tackle the entire process and ensure voters would be able to get all their questions answered at any stage of the voting process.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The Ad Council leveraged Facebook Messenger chatbot because it gave the company the ability to deliver complex information in bite-sized, conversational chunks. The chatbot created a personalized experience by only releasing information that was relevant to the person using the chatbot.

Mobile Execution:

The Ad Council’s mission was to use a mobile-first chatbot approach to simplify the registration and voting process by giving people the personalized information they need to vote. There were several features within Facebook Messenger that it leveraged to make the experience innovative. The company used a variety of Messenger mechanisms, like quick reply buttons and carousels, to make the experience intuitive. It made the experience holistic by opening webpages within Messenger to keep users in the experience. The Ad Council was one of the first companies to use a new ad type on Facebook that sends people directly into the conversation on Messenger.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Ad Council reached 84 million people, helping to generate 94,000 total bot conversations that led to the polls. Press coverage of GoVoteBot helped drive awareness and buzz on social, with articles ranging across political, world news, humanitarian, and tech perspectives. In total, 85,000 people mentioned and tagged GoVoteBot on Facebook and Twitter praising the technology and sharing news articles about it.

GoVoteBot generated more than 26 million impressions and 168,000 clicks. The Ad Council partnered with Complex, Upworthy, Pepsi, and Jet to promote the bot on their own social channels to spread awareness and drive engagement.

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