Nutry: Nutry Labs

Campaign Summary

In order to debut a new line of products, Nutry, a healthy cereal bar brand, launched its first digital advertising campaign. The campaign, “Nutry Labs,” featured a team of Nutry employees in office environments “saving the day” by offering healthy alternatives to typically sugary, fatty work snacks. The videos drove traffic to a mobile-optimized website designed specifically for the campaign, where consumers could learn more about the new product portfolio, sign up for discounts, and buy products online.


Objective and Context:

Nutry is a leading brand in the healthy cereal bar category in Brazil, a market which is becoming increasingly commoditized. Being a local brand, Nutry faced challenges competing with big international brands that were expanding distribution in the country. One way Nutry responded to its new competition was by launching a family of healthy and practical products, such as cookies, fruit bars, cereal, and oatmeal.

Target Audience:

The main objective of the campaign was to launch the new product portfolio, and at the same time present the brand to mainstream consumers who either didn’t have a previous relationship with the brand (had never tried it) or thought of the brand as solely a “healthy/cereal bar” brand.

The target audience for this campaign was working adults between the ages of 24 and 54. Through consumer studies, Nutry learned that the primary time in which its target audience would consume Nutry’s competitors’ products was in breaks during their day, mainly at work, where they didn’t have much time to eat something more elaborate. They would end up eating food that was unhealthy and had artificial ingredients, such as donuts, candy bars, ice cream, cakes, and so on.

Creative Strategy:

In order to position Nutry as a worktime snack alternative, the brand created “Nutry Labs,” a concept that vocalized the brand purpose: an over-the-top commitment to producing high-quality and healthy practical snacks. Nutry Labs was a mobile-first website with interactive, fun, and informative content, as well as links for consumers to purchase the new product portfolio online.

To drive traffic to the platform, the media strategy revolved around channels that were always present in the mobile-connected consumers’ work breaks.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Nutry leveraged media channels that were consistently present in consumers’ work breaks, bringing them to an informative and entertaining mobile website based on the campaign’s digital videos. This helped the brand gain awareness and stimulate consideration in key moments around product consumption.

Mobile Execution:

Forty percent of the digital campaign spend was dedicated to mobile (both mobile website design and media buying), as it was best way to reach consumers during their work breaks.

A digital video featuring the team from Nutry Labs and the brand’s new product portfolio was produced and distributed on video channels and social networks. Together with interactive mobile display banners, the activation brought consumers to the mobile Nutry Labs website, where they could explore all the campaign content, understand the product portfolio, and buy the products online.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


This was the first digital advertising campaign ever created by Nutry, and it was designed to position Nutry Labs as a digital platform to promote the brand across multiple campaigns in the long term.


After one month of running the campaign, Nutry Labs generated more than 200,000 video views and more than 30,000 clicks to the mobile website. The digital videos boasted a 70 percent average retention rate, and 100 percent retention on the shorter clips.

Market Impact

The campaign was very innovative in Nutry’s industry, since none of its primary competitors had ever done a campaign that involved mobile in the past, all of them focusing solely on traditional advertising and trade initiatives.

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