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Consumers are spending more and more time on phones, and most have a hard time going longer than 7 minutes without interacting with their devices throughout the day. In turn, marketers want to make the most out of these multiplying touchpoint opportunities they may have via mobile. But, here’s some advice: It’s not all about mobile.

Avenue (, a source for affordable fashion for real size women, launched a national campaign using Rich Media Messaging (RMM) technology on November 8, 2012.  The campaign has been promoted thr

Singapore March 19th, 2014  - Big Mobile has announced an exclusive strategic partnership with international media group Future, with 17 category leading titles including TechRadar, T3, PC Gamer, CyclingNews, and MusicRadar.

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Avoid the mobile trap.

Remember when consumers first began moving to the Web and businesses rushed in to capture that market? So many of them didn’t have a solid plan—and failed miserably. Now, we’re seeing the same blind rush into mobile. Are you falling into this trap?  Kontagent's 2013 Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Study found that two-thirds of brands are investing more heavily in mobile but admit they don’t know how to meet mobile consumer needs. Less than one-third even know the right metrics they need to track and measure. Download the complimentary executive report here.

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AccuWeather Committed to Offering its World Class Weather Applications Across Mobile Manufacturers

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. March 28, 2012 – AccuWeather’s partners include the top 10 mobile handset manufacturers responsible for 85% of the devices shipped worldwide. In 2011 alone, the global distribution of AccuWeather mobile applications exceeded more than one quarter of a billion devices.

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Mobile usage is increasing at an unbelievable rate. According to some estimates, 87% of the world’s population now uses a mobile device. Almost 700 million of those devices are smartphones. And yet businesses are only slowly recognizing the opportunities that this brave new mobile world represents. It isn’t enough to enact one or two steps, such as simply implementing a mobile version of your website and calling it a day. In today’s ever-changing world you need a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. One that focuses on building holistic relationships with customers.