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The RoomPlace Wins Using Image-Based Offers

June 14, 2013


The RoomPlace (, Midwest’s leading furniture retailer, launched a national campaign using Rich Media Messaging (RMM) technology on September 21st, 2012.  The campaign delivered rich imagery of the latest promotions for The RoomPlace and drove in-store traffic. The initiative was promoted through in-store advertising and social media encouraging customers to opt-in by texting to a shortcode.

How does this campaign work?  The list was first carefully selected for customers interested in value-based offers. Additionally, the content was image-based to initiate an immediate consumer response around the offer and the call to action. Customers receiving the image-based message visually saw the value proposition of 20% off and the direct result was an increase in user engagement. The image-based campaign was shared and posted on social networks, and forwarded to friends which generated comments like “Amazing Deal! The sofa on sale is beautiful. Maybe we can make it fit?” These emotion-based responses and increased proliferation of messages would simply not have been possible using SMS alone. By using RMM technology, The RoomPlace is able to showcase a variety of furniture available at their stores without having to worry about device and content limitations at standard messaging rates.

Sending image-based content inspires customers instantly by telling a more compelling story, than simple text alone. So far, the open rate for this campaign is 99.8%. Results also show that 23.8% of the customers that participated in the campaign had feature phones while 76.2% had smart phones. This data can now be used to further optimize the campaign in the future and direct targeted messaging traffic to a mobile app experience to further build loyalty. Previously, The RoomPlace used a SMS based campaign to send promotions to customers. However, by switching to Rich Media Messaging, The RoomPlace increased mobile messaging response rates, brand awareness and targeted store traffic.

According to Brian Wiborg, Vice President of Marketing for The RoomPlace, “Rich Media Messaging has elevated our mobile marketing program by increasing our customer response rates and allowing us to better understand how to target customers using mobile devices in the future.