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Proximity Marketing in Sports & Events - Q2 Report

Key insights from the Report include: Proximity sensors deployed globally continue to grow fast * The amount of proximity sensors sees a large uptake in Q2 with an increase of 2,072,500 proximity sensors. * There are now 8,273,500 proximity sensors deployed globally registered by Proxbook members as of Q2 2016. * 6,061,500 of these sensors are beacons. 2,099,000 are NFC sensors and 113,000 Wi­Fi points. Since Q1 2016, there has been an impressive 33% increase in global sensors * The 6,061,500 beacons deployed by members of Proxbook, are aligned with ABI Research’s forecast of 8 million beacons by the end of 2016 and 400 million beacons deployed by 2020. Google invests heavily into proximity * Google bets big on proximity and wants the ecosystem to succeed.

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