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Analysis of Beacons at SXSW 2016

The annual South by Southwest conference is one of the largest gatherings of technology companies in the world. This year's event ran from March 11 through March 20, with over 70,000 people in attendance. Reveal Mobile was fortunate to attend, serving as moderator for The Location Based Marketing Association's panel discussion on location-based advertising effectiveness. Locations of devices when they bumped beacons along 6th Street in Austin, TX LOCATIONS OF DEVICES WHEN THEY BUMPED BEACONS ALONG 6TH STREET IN AUSTIN, TX While we were there, we did a little poking around to see if we could detect beacons. Conference organizers deployed around 1,000 beacons in 2015. Were other companies also deploying beacons? While we did manually detect a few beacons ourselves, we let the network of apps with our mobile audience SDK inside do the heavy lifting. Because our tech sits inside a few hundred apps across the country, we should be able to detect lots of beacons at SXSW. Guess what? We did! In this report we share the number of beacons detected, how many companies we think deployed beacons, and what app publishers and advertisers should do with this kind of data.

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