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Dr. Özgür Mumcu

Dr. Özgür Mumcu
Academician - Author
Galatasaray University

Academician-author Dr Özgür Mumcu, who once again reminds us of the value of knowledge and questioning with his writings, podcast programme and the opinions he expresses, and who is the author of the book "Peace Machine" in which we read the lines "That day a machine will bring peace to the world", Mumcu graduated from Galatasaray University Faculty of Law in 2001 and received his doctorate in International Law and International Organisations Law from Sorbonne University. In addition to his work as a journalist and columnist, in 2016 he published his book "The Peace Machine", which was translated into more than ten languages and nominated for the EBRD Literature Prize. Currently, Mumcu continues his academic career at Galatasaray University and is about to complete his second book.