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Cong-Thang HUYNH

Cong-Thang HUYNH
Co-founder & CEO
InnoLab Asia

Thang stands as a prominent luminary, casting a transformative influence on startup innovation within Southeast Asia. His unwavering dedication has played a pivotal role in propelling Vietnamese startups onto the global stage, spurring growth across diverse markets such as APEC, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and Japan. Simultaneously, he has facilitated the entry of foreign enterprises into the dynamic Vietnamese market.

Presently, Thang assumes the mantle of Co-Founder & CEO at InnoLab Asia, an avant-garde platform orchestrating innovative collaborations among startups, corporations, investors, and institutions across the region. His commitment to knowledge dissemination extends to his roles as a Mentor at the esteemed National University of Singapore (NUS) and as a guiding force at German Accelerator Southeast Asia, endowed by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWi).

Having also lent his expertise as a Former Mentor at the United Nations Capital Development Fund and Start-Up Chile, Thang's endeavors have fueled the global ambitions of early-stage entrepreneurs, utilizing Chile as a springboard. Beyond these accomplishments, he is the visionary Founder of Lead The Change, an influential educational institution that has granted 100 scholarships and facilitated the international ventures of over 200 gifted young Vietnamese minds.

Amassing over a decade of profound experience, Thang ardently engages with, connects, and consults stakeholders within multifaceted industries encompassing startup mentorship, strategic business expansion, innovation, education, and investment. His remarkable contributions garnered recognition through the Edutech Leadership Award at the 2017 Global Edutech Congress and the prestigious 2017 Award in Mumbai, India, celebrating his indelible mark on education and technology.

Thang's academic pursuits culminated in the acquisition of an Executive MBA from the esteemed Quantic School of Business and Technology from the United States. His narrative is one of dynamic growth, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding commitment to propelling Vietnamese businesses onto the world stage in the ever-evolving landscape of global business growth.