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Francesco Guglielmino

Francesco Guglielmino
Chief Product Officer

Francesco Guglielmino is the Chief Product Officer at Cuebiq. Francesco has over a decade of experience in business strategy and operations in the location technology, martech, and advertising industries. After receiving his Master’s Degree in Business and Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, he gained exposure to advertising and marketing operations. Ultimately he landed at Beintoo where he was the VP of Operations and Retail and grew to become Head of Global Operations. During his years at Beintoo he oversaw global strategy, product development, and played an integral part in building the product that led to the creation of Cuebiq in 2016. Francesco’s years of experience and intimate knowledge of the product made him the perfect fit to become Cuebiq’s Head of Operations and Strategy.

In addition to being a product authority, Francesco is an expert in location intelligence, market potential, and has been essential to securing the strategic partnerships that have aided Cuebiq in becoming the leader of location data and analytics. At Cuebiq, he and his team drive the product roadmap as well as global strategy to ensure Cuebiq continues to be the premier location intelligence solution.