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OtherLevels Announces Seamless Integration with Mobile Push for Amazon SNS API

August 30, 2013
OtherLevels announced today that its sophisticated mobile message marketing platform works seamlessly with the recently released Mobile Push for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) API.

Marketers now have a clear transition path from traditional Push Messaging services to a much more robust OtherLevels/Amazon SNS combination, enabling a full range of segmented targeting, retargeting, and A/B testing capabilities with Push and other types of mobile messaging.

“Push notifications have emerged as an incredible asset for mobile marketers to drive overall app engagement rates,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels. “Now, the emergence of cost-effective push delivery systems like Mobile Push for Amazon SNS, enables marketers to leverage best in class messaging analytics tools to create more effective messages and drive user engagement, retention, social sharing and revenue growth.”
The OtherLevels suite of messaging analytics tools includes:

Segmented Targeting – real-time message targeting and filtering based on user’s language, location/geofencing, local time zone, recency and frequency of app usage, responsiveness to past campaigns, custom in-app events and goals, and custom data tags integrated from Business Information and CRM systems;
Retargeting – follow-up message campaigns  to those who didn’t open the message or complete a desired action or goal, while sending appropriate follow-up messages (or none at all) to those who did respond;
A/B Testing and Optimization – split test messages by tone, urgency, and call-to-action, and see in real time opens, conversions to goals, and ROI; optimize messages on-the-fly to deliver the “winning” message to your entire target audience.

“With Amazon SNS removing the cost barrier to push deliverability, the challenge is to avoid overabundant and meaningless pushes that will alienate the audience,” says O’Kane. “OtherLevels solves this by harnessing mobile’s feedback loop and providing marketers with the tools to better engage their mobile users and maximize ROI.”

For more information about OtherLevels’ extensive messaging analytics capabilities or to schedule an interview with Brendan O’Kane, please contact Vanessa Horwell at 305-749-5243 ext. 232 or at [email protected] or Amanda Williams at 305-749-5243 ext. 238 or at [email protected].

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About OtherLevels

OtherLevels enables mobile games developers, brands and publishers using Push Notification, SMS, Mobile Email and In-App Messaging, engage, retain and maximize the value of their audiences through mobile messaging analytics and retargeting. Based in San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia, OtherLevels offers dynamic A/B split message testing, targeting, and retargeting capabilities through its real-time app and mobile web analytics engine. Marketers can track, review, and act upon a wealth of granular data including pushes sent vs. pushes opened, organic open rates vs. message-prompted open rates, by linking individual message copy to user behavior. OtherLevels provides a simple set of Native App and Mobile Web JavaScript libraries that embed their capabilities into all mobile platforms, while working seamlessly with push vendors and SMS aggregators, as well as in-house Push solutions. OtherLevels supports clients with as many as 500 Million app downloads, demonstrating scale that can meet the demands of the largest global enterprises.

For more information, please visit www.otherlevels.com.