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Mobile and Data Capabilities Are Top Priorities for Marketers, According to Neustar - MMA Survey

September 24, 2013
Survey results uncover marketers’ perceptions about mobile and the competitive advantage that data offers brands
New York, NY, 24 September 2013 – A joint study issued by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR) revealed that a staggering 85 percent of marketers believe that mobile is a gateway to new markets and audiences. Additionally, 80 percent of respondents cited that mobile is not only transformational for their companies, but also strategic for their careers to stay on the cutting edge of emerging trends and technology. The survey identified that data offers significant value when paired with mobile as 61 percent of companies plan to invest more in data capabilities over the next year.
The data was reported in the “Marketers Guide to Mobile and Data,” which surveyed 400 companies across the consumer product and service categories. Questions focused on how marketers perceive mobile, the impact achieved with mobile tactics, as well as the strategic advantage of data. Research was conducted by Research Now and unveiled today at the MMA’s Advertising Week conference, SM2. 
Key findings of the study indicate that marketers have embraced the combination of mobile and data as a vital component of the marketing mix:
  • 40 percent said that mobile is a top priority for their brand and core to their overall marketing strategy
  • An additional 34 percent activated a strategic vision for mobile and continue to test new tactics in order to gain experience with the channel
  • The combination of mobile and data was cited as a “game changer” with 65 percent of marketers indicating that data delivers a competitive advantage for their business 
  • 36 percent of companies use data to justify and influence all marketing decisions
“Mobile has transcended boundaries, evolving beyond its role as a connection or convergence device. Marketers no longer ask ‘why mobile’ because the future health of their brands directly depends on mobile’s role as a marketing vehicle,” said Greg Stuart, CEO, MMA. “There is no denying that mobile is business transformational and the survey results prove that mobile has advanced from an afterthought to the first thought when mapping out a marketing strategy.” 
In terms of “how” marketers are employing mobile, most companies kick-start their mobile efforts with familiar or mainstream tactics such as mobile apps (65 percent). Social media (60 percent), video (57 percent) and search (56 percent) were also reported as emerging and up-and-coming investments in mobile. 
Marketers cited they are more convinced of mobile’s effectiveness after reviewing the impact of their outreach.  Depending on which platform is deployed, 40-65 percent of marketers stated their mobile tactics were extremely impactful, particularly those who integrated mobile coupons, real time location targeting and mobile optimized sites. 
Business leaders also embrace the power of data to execute mobile campaigns with greater precision and relevance. Close to half of respondents stated that they have the support of their executive teams to increase investment in order to properly structure data capabilities. 
To drill down the “mobile data readiness” in the market, there are three tiers to note: 
  • “Mobile Data Pioneers” (33 percent) believe that data offers a competitive advantage when it comes to mobile and architect a strong infrastructure to support investments in data
  • “Convinced & Trying” (31 percent) are convinced that data provides significant value when paired with mobile and work to structure their efforts
  • “Indifferent” (36 percent) do not support that data offers a competitive advantage
Of the Mobile Data Pioneers, 90 percent are certain mobile is transformational for their business and they plan to invest more in data to stay ahead of competitors. This group is also sophisticated in their mobile outreach with over 70 percent of Mobile Data Pioneers integrating multiple mobile platforms including apps, social media, mobile video and mobile coupons. 
“Data represents the breadcrumbs of the consumer journey. Marketers that are able to glean more insights about what consumers want, need and expect from brands across this journey will drive higher and more effective levels of engagement. Without data, marketers operate blind when trying to determine how to connect meaningfully with their audiences,” said Lisa Peterson, Director, Mobile Solutions Business Development, Neustar, Inc.
With any evolving channel, there are areas to improve and progress. The challenges with mobile as identified in the survey, include solving the complexities of scaling and providing stronger measurement tools to map out mobile’s effectiveness in relation to other channels. Additionally, close to one third also cited concerns with data ranging from platform fragmentation to the quality of data and the lack of established standards. 
However, after aggregating the responses from the survey, one observation is clear; marketers are convinced that the combination of mobile and data is not only valuable to their businesses, but also transformational to their future. Over 60 percent of marketers pledged to invest more in mobile over the next year. 
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The survey was conducted by Research Now during the third quarter of 2013, using an online questionnaire. In total 400 marketers were interviewed, covering a mix of medium and large companies, as well as a blend of middle to senior management. All of those that participated had some level of involvement in the digital marketing department of their companies.
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