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inneractive Joins MMA and its Global Mobile Advertising and Apps Committees

July 25, 2012

inneractive is proud to announce that it has joined the North American branch of the Mobile Marketing Association.

inneractive is an industry’s leading mobile app monetization exchange with over 120 ad providers integrated
and available in a one line SDK. With full transparency of real time optimization, developers can monitor how inneractive
maximizes their global app revenue across all platforms. Thanks to an automatic optimized mediation, developers can
monetize their mobile apps and maximize their app potential.
With cross platform SDKs and ad partners in 200 countries, developers receive a complete solution and their
revenue grows accordingly. Additionally, inneractive offers full support for rich media ads including video, which generates
much higher engagement, ultimately leading to higher developer revenue.
Additionally, both ad networks and agencies can integrate with inneractive’s platform instantly and target in-app inventory
based on location, content, and more.
The company is now offering brands, device manufactures, carriers and development platforms the ability to launch
their own ad exchange powered by inneractive. The private ad exchange, which is already live with various companies,
offers the ability to maintain company branding and messaging while offering developers the ability to monetize their
mobile apps.
With such an offering, it was only appropriate that inneractive and the MMA would join forces. Offer Yehudai,
inneractive’s President and Co-Founder, as well as Itay Gadot, inneractive’s VP Marketing will be joining the 
Global Mobile
Advertising and Mobile Applications MMA committees.
Itay Gadot, VP Marketing of inneractive says “we look forward to a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with the MMA, we have
been watching closely and are big fans. It’s great to be a part of this fantastic organization”
Itay Gadot, VP Marketing