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Flycell’s New Bid Hunter Game Brings Interactive Upside-Down Auction Fun to Online and Mobile

June 22, 2009
Submitted by Flycell, Inc.

How low can you go and still be unique?
Flycell offers thousands of dollars in prizes for game players with lowest unique bids

NEW YORK – June 22, 2009 – Flycell, Inc. (, the popular mobile and online media and entertainment company, today announced Bid Hunter, a new strategy game played both online and via mobile phones where players are challenged to come up with the lowest unique guess to win big ticket prizes. Bid Hunter complements Flycell’s already diverse and growing offering of online and mobile games of every genre, all available at

In Bid Hunter, players can guess up to 30 times daily online at or from their mobile phones. The “hunter” with the lowest unique guess is the winner. Hunters receive real time text alerts or emails that help them along, making the game interactive and highly addicting.

"Flycell’s customers are sure to get a thrill from winning high-end items like big screen TVs and home theater systems simply by making the lowest unique guess,” says Lindsey Weinger, VP Web Experience at Flycell. “While the person with the fattest wallet will always win in a traditional auction, Bid Hunter turns that idea on its head and adds interactive features like text alerts that make it even more fun and addicting.”

Although this type of game is sometimes referred to as a “reverse auction,” it’s not really an auction at all. The object of the game is to guess the lowest number to win the prize. A guess does not represent any actual dollar value, and the prize is absolutely free for the winner, including the delivery.

Bid Hunter features at least five live prizes every day, from 58” Plasma TVs to Blu Ray Home Theater Systems, with two weekly winners, one bi-monthly winner, one monthly winner, and one grand prize winner each quarter. Flycell will award 34 prizes this quarter, together valued at more than $30,000.

How to play Bid Hunter
Playing Flycell’s Bid Hunter is fun and easy. When playing from the Web simply pick a prize and enter a guess. The winner is the hunter with the lowest unique guess when the game ends. The "lowest" guess is the smallest positive, whole number. Hunters cannot guess zero, numbers smaller than zero, or fractions. A “unique” guess is a number that no one else has chosen. Hunters can guess up to 30 times each day, and when they submit a bid online they get instant prompts letting them know how they stand up against the competition. Hunters can check their status anytime on the prize page ( and view their entire guess history on each item. Hunters also receive emails informing them if they have picked the lowest unique number or if they’ve just been bumped by another user.

To play from a mobile phone hunters text HUNT to 69999 for the current prize list, pick a prize from the list and then text the prize’s keyword along with their guess to 69999 (e.g., To: 69999 Message: HDTV 107). When playing from a mobile phone hunters receive text message alerts with real time updates on the status of their guesses. Mobile players can also check the status of their guesses at any time by texting BID INFO to 69999.

Hunters can play Bid Hunter online for free or can subscribe to Bid Hunter Pro for $9.99/month to play from their mobile phone. The Bid Hunter Pro subscription offers mobile Bid Hunter game play, ad-free online Bid Hunter play, hints sent to the mobile phone, and unlimited Bid Hunter text alerts.

Visit to get started playing Flycell’s Bid Hunter today.

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