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Digital Ecommerce Executive Michael Jones Joins Reveal Mobile Advisory Board

October 25, 2016
Submitted by Reveal Mobile
In the last five years there has been a massive explosion of smartphones and app usage. The retail sector, quick to embrace digital and ecommerce, now seeks to make sense out of the growing mobile ecosystem. They’re particularly interested in location data generated by their online and in-store audiences. Reveal Mobile, experts in mobile location accuracy, welcomes digital ecommerce executive Michael Jones as advisor to help connect the dots between retail, ecommerce, and location data. Michael’s experience spans decades across premiere companies including executive roles at eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), RetailMeNot (NASDAQ:SALE), and ChannelAdvisor (NYSE:ECOM), and is a frequent contributor to Forbes. “I’ve seen first hand, and from many angles, the transformation of the retail industry,” says Jones. “Making sense out of mobile location data is a conversation that sophisticated marketers are having. They’ll need guidance on how to unravel and utilize the data. The way that Reveal Mobile turns beacon and geo-targeting data into location based audiences is absolutely of interest.” “Being able to work with Michael is a thrill for us,” states Brian Handly, Reveal Mobile’s CEO. “He’s trusted and respected within the retail community. Michael’s expertise ensures we’re on the right path, while his reputation opens new doors for us.” Today Reveal Mobile’s product helps hundreds of mobile app publishers turn raw location data from beacons and latitude/longitude into the location based audience segments that advertisers demand. Much of this data is retail focused, as retailers have been the quickest to implement Bluetooth beacons. Reveal Mobile’s data unlocks where shoppers visit most, how frequently, and which are the most valuable customer segments. Retailers use this data to build highly accurate and relevant retargeting audiences across mobile and social media. “Just as we can inform a media company’s digital sales team who their most valuable audience segments are, we can provide this same location based intelligence to physical and digital retailers across the United States,” says Handly. “When we see campaigns using both beacons and geo-targeting data, we see increases of 93% in campaign performance.” Retailers interested in exploring this new mobile location data can reach out directly to Reveal Mobile at [email protected]. ABOUT REVEAL MOBILE Reveal Mobile helps mobile app publishers use location data to generate more advertising revenue and build better products. Our location-based audiences, derived from both lat/long and Bluetooth beacons, create accurate and valuable segments that increase advertising performance 175-477%. We process over 1 million beacon events per day, resulting in the world’s largest source of 1st party beacon location data. Customers include Sinclair Broadcast Group, Photofy, The Weather Company, Frankly, Graham Media, Meredith Broadcasting, Capitol Broadcasting, DoApp, and Baron Weather.