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AdTruth Convenes 18 Digital Media Companies to Plan Deployment of Universal Tracking in Mobile

May 30, 2012
AdTruth Convenes 18 Digital Media Companies to Plan Deployment of Universal Tracking in Mobile

Leaders gather in San Francisco and Munich to examine evolving mobile tracking, targeting and privacy requirements.

San Jose, Calif. – May 22, 2012 – AdTruth, the digital media division of global device recognition technology leader 41st Parameter, today revealed insights and outcomes from the first in a series of AdTruth Workgroup meetings recently held in San Francisco (May 2) and Munich (May 9-10). The participants included 18 innovative companies–representing the breadth of the digital and mobile advertising ecosystem including major advertising and marketing agencies, mobile application developers, advertising exchanges, advertising networks, demand side platforms (DSPs), data providers, ad serving technology companies and major publishers–that came together to discuss the tracking, targeting and privacy challenges they face and learn how AdTruth can help address them.

The response from the participating companies demonstrates the pain being felt across the advertising ecosystem and the need for a new, device neutral approach that builds on the display/desktop past while looking ahead to a more dynamic and mobile future. The first wave of AdTruth Workgroup meetings focused on the deployment of a mobile universal identifier. Among the companies in the workgroup are: InMobi,, MdotM, Mojiva, On Device Research, Razorfish, Smart AdServer, Somo Global and StrikeAd.

“We were privileged to host such a wide-ranging and influential group–all committed to playing a leadership role and growing the digital display advertising industry,” said James Lamberti, senior vice president and general manager of 41st Parameter’s AdTruth division. “After a few days of intense discussion and debate in both San Francisco and Munich, the group emerged with a clear path forward that we will share with other industry leaders over the coming months.”

Three main areas of focus emerged from the Workgroup session. Not surprisingly, privacy is a pivotal issue for participants in both the U.S. and Europe. Increased regulatory scrutiny and growing public attention have made the issue central to any discussion of digital marketing. While privacy is an ever-present concern, the participants were able to work together to establish a viable path forward. Second, the group discussed the operational approach to a universal ID that would effectively enable all use cases in mobile advertising from basic frequency capping to advanced targeting to performance tracking. Finally, and most importantly, deep product discussion focused on continuous improvements to accuracy and longevity as an ongoing focal point for the Workgroup.

Hear what the participants had to say:

“MdotM compared install attribution accuracy levels from multiple device tracking vendors over the last 6 months and found that AdTruth delivered the highest accuracy for tracking iOS installs,” said Sourabh Niyogi, co-founder and president/CEO at MdotM. “We are happy to incorporate AdTruth as a key component of our UDID-less universal tracking solution.”

“Our clients rely on us to remain ahead of the curve and provide them with new ways to create effective experiences. The AdTruth Workgroup has provided food for thought that is extremely valuable,” said Paula Connard, media director from Razorfish.

“AdTruth is taking important steps to educate the industry,” said Surag Patel, director of global research from InMobi. “Between these Workgroup meetings and its recently published white paper on audience recognition, the company is leading the discussion around performance and privacy moving forward.”

“Having opportunities to explore and exchange ideas is always valuable,” said Carl Uminski, co-founder and chief operating officer of Somo Global. “It’s been especially valuable to get perspectives from other estuaries of the ecosystem. AdTruth is clearly committed to helping the industry recognize and resolve some of its most daunting challenges.”

“In an effort to provide more relevant display advertising to consumers and more reliable measurement for marketers, increasing our ability to anonymously identify a mobile device as content is consumed between apps and the mobile Web is critical. Exploring this via the AdTruth Workgroup is valuable for us as we pursue options in the market,” said Krish Arvapally, co-founder and chief innovation officer from Mojiva.

“Our publisher clients are experiencing rapid growth in their mobile ad inventory,” comments Stéphane Ruffin, mobile product manager from Smart AdServer. “The AdTruth Workgroup is helping establish a clear path forward to help monetize that inventory.”

“As a mobile DSP, we see the power of being able to apply the full range of advanced advertising techniques such as retargeting, optimisation and analytics to the mobile handset, as well as the benefits which the AdTruth solution brings in helping verify and identify users,” said Ilya Kazansky, EMEA sales engineering manager at StrikeAd. “AdTruth Workgroups provide a great way for key companies in this market to come together to develop long-term solutions, which protect the best interests of the consumer.”

“As we expand our gaming business to the mobile space, the AdTruth Workgroup has given us a perfect opportunity to educate ourselves and learn from our peers,” said Shane Horneij mobile marketing manager at

“The full brand value of mobile display ads will only be understood with more ad effectiveness research using better tracking and measurement techniques,” comments Tim Cleminson, co-founder of On Device Research. “AdTruth’s workgroup will help make that a reality quickly.”

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