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Coca-Cola Freestyle Case Study

April 20, 2017
Submitted by Bottle Rocket
Why did we get 
a call?
Coca-Cola had a problem. Their slick new touch-enabled soda fountain, the Freestyle dispenser, could produce literally millions of Coke product combinations. But lines were getting long as people learned how to use Freestyle and played with new combinations.
The answer: a mobile app that consumers could use to create personal mixes beforehand, then share with the Freestyle machine and friends. Problem solved. Well, not exactly. The first version of the app failed to launch. Enter Bottle Rocket.
Coca-Cola’s complete redesign of the Freestyle dispenser’s user experience included the novel use of QR technology to pair the app with the machine. This allowed us to do what we do best: build for the user.
We began with native apps for iOS and Android. Our lo-fi to hi-fi development processes led us to a quick profile setup where users could register with social sign-in or through the My Coke Rewards program. Once registered, the first screen users see allowed them to create new mixes, add favorite drinks, keep track of badges, and see current offers.
App Features
  • Create and save custom mixes
  • Share favorite mixes and special offers
  • Connect with a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser via 
QR code
  • Locate a nearby Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser 
  • Receive special offers at a user’s favorite location
  • Includes loyalty component via check-in and badging
  • Promotional challenges, achievements and 
special prizes

  • What happened?The Coca-Cola Freestyle app maintains a 4-star rating on the App Store and Google Play and has more than one million downloads. This novel personalization of a soda pour, coupled with the ability to share mixes with others is a successful brand experience in more than 400 different locations.
    "The magic of Coca-Cola Freestyle is branded choice – you can choose your favorite Coca-Cola fountain beverage or one you’ve never tried or something you’ve created entirely on your own. The Coca-Cola Freestyle mobile app is an extension of that magic, and […] we believe will fit seamlessly into people’s lives." – Joel Bishop (VP and general manager, 
Coca-Cola Freestyle, Coca-Cola North America)