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Mayday, Mayday, May Day is UDID-Day!

April 1, 2013

The end of UDID. For months we’ve known it was coming. As an industry, we’ve had ample opportunity to prepare. It was, however, always something beyond the horizon. It isn’t any more.May 1st. For some the certainty of the date is a cause for fear and dismay. It shouldn’t be.

It’s time for developers and marketers to adopt a new approach for solving the audience recognition crisis. UDID made life easy, but it was like the lulling song of the siren, making marketers comfortable and complacent. Those are the ones anxiously eyeing their calendars.


Proprietary platform-specific approaches, while comfortable, are actually really limiting. Yes, iOS is everywhere; but it’s only one platform. And even if you were so committed to iOS that you didn’t care about other devices, you still had to face the fact that UDID only worked in apps. People browsing the mobile Web? UDID was blind to them. That meant marketers were too. Not a good thing.


Now there’s an opportunity to take a universal approach to audience recognition. One that opens up the entire $40b global digital advertising market by working across all devices and in all use cases. One that respects consumer choice and privacy built using the principle of “privacy by design.” One that works across mobile web and app. One that performs faster and more effectively than any alternative.


It’s what we’ve built over nine years of research and development at AdTruth. More and more leaders of the digital ecosystem – companies like BlueKai, OpenX and InMobi – are rallying to our flag. Don’t let UDID-Day be a cause for concern; recognize it as an opportunity for liberation!

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