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Beintoo, OtherLevels Want to Boost User Engagement and Retention in Mobile Apps

April 15, 2013

Beintoo, a loyalty rewards and monetization platform for Web and mobile apps, is joining forces with OtherLevels, a leader in A/B split testing and retargeting for push notification, SMS and mobile email messaging, to provide deep actionable analytics that can boost user engagement, conversions and revenues.

Beintoo partners with some of the world’s top app developers and publishers, including Halfbrick Studios, whose mega-hit games including Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride have been downloaded over 500 million times.

Using a gamification model, the loyalty platform rewards users for the time they spend on a website or mobile app, where they can play, earn “Bedollars” and redeem their virtual currency for real-life offers.

With users located worldwide, Beintoo wanted a messaging analytics partner that could help track how users engage with its own and partner apps, and learn which offers are most effective.

“Beintoo’s user community is large and diverse,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels. “By using action analytics, A/B split testing and retargeting, we’re providing Beintoo with a deep understanding of its global users’ preferences, and the ability to retarget messages with a precision not previously available for push notification, gamification or SMS campaigns.”

With 81% of loyalty customers reporting that they don’t know what their rewards are or how to redeem them, it’s clear that publishers, brands and retailers must tailor their rewards and offers to remain relevant to existing and new customers. Access to deep granular data means more timely and personalized offers that drive engagement, and ROI. Through OtherLevels’ mobile analytics platform, Beintoo will know which offers lead to in-app redemptions and generate social shares.

“As we create a new loyalty economy and currency at Beintoo, we’ve sought out a partner that can help us deliver the right messages to the right users at the right time. OtherLevels’ expertise in A/B testing and retargeting is a critical component for us to strengthen engagement with our users, and create real value for our customers,” said Beintoo CEO Antonio Tomarchio.

OtherLevels’ platform is built to analyze hundreds of millions of push, SMS, mobile email and in app messages, and provides the necessary intelligence to engineer better mobile messaging campaigns. For more information about OtherLevels or to schedule an interview with Brendan O’Kane, please contact Vanessa Horwell at 305-749-5243 ext. 232 or at [email protected], or Amanda Williams at 305-749-5243 ext. 238 or at [email protected].