MMA Mastering Attribution Webinar Series

The MMA is pleased to announce the next phase in our critical industry initiative focused on Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) – the development of two working groups to dig even deeper into the issues identified as priorities by the majority of marketers: Walled Gardens and Data Quality and Accuracy.

The creation of these two important groups builds on the first phase of the broader Marketing Attribution Think Tank’s (MATT) objective and deliverables to help marketers select and apply MTA solutions with confidence.

These two working groups, comprised of a select group of brand marketers, will be the frontline in developing standards and a code of conduct to bring increased transparency, accuracy and data verification to crucial metrics brands rely on for allocation of media dollars and other business decisions.

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Data Quality and Accuracy

Walled Gardens

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The working groups are a rare opportunity to join a very select group of major marketers “leading the charge” to realize the promise of MTA.

  1. Research shows that companies using MTA say they are already seeing ROI of 20-40%, but the world of MTA is still “the wild, wild west” and the MMA’s MATT program was created in part to speed up its evolution.
  2. MMA research suggests that 40% of marketers say they will implement MTA-related strategies over the next 18 months, joining the 34% that already have. This means competition is as fierce as ever.
  3. Lastly, peer support and collaboration paves the way to gain insights from other major marketers to compliment and challenge your own strategies.


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