Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Perfect Handwriting With S Pen



Client: Samsung Electronics Turkey
Product: Galaxy Note 4, with S Pen
Category: Computers & Technology
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group Turkey
Country: Turkey
Award Entry Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

The campaign objective was to promote the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, particularly the high quality, easy-to-use S Pen.

You can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting, and it gives people an opportunity to express themselves. This inspired Samsung to create a mobile rich campaign for the Galaxy Note 4 that emphasized the S Pen's ability to give mobile users a true pen-like digital handwriting experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with S Pen took things to a whole new level with its quickness and ease of making corrections to work. With its attractive design, the S-Pen lets users to make quick notes, draw or edit – in addition to performing typical touch-screen commands.


Objective and Context

The target audience consists of people ages 20-44 years who follow the latest technology trends. They are heavy Internet consumers, getting information on-the-go, wherever they are, using smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 4 launch targeted iPhone users – who are normally constrained by digital character limits – to let them experience the freedom of taking notes using their own handwriting.


Creative Strategy

Users in the target audience were shown a pop-up media banner depicting a pen, a letter, and a blank space where they were asked to write specific letters. Using handwriting recognition technology, the relevant handwriting character was identified to mobile users who wrote letters on the page. The user was shown the most similar handwriting according to his or her writing style. Then all o the texts on the mobile page converted to the user's handwriting and the user received the message that Galaxy Note 4 users could live this experience any time they want.

Only three percent of the budget was spent on mobile portion of the campaign, which did rely on support from any other media. Mobile accounted for 25 percent of the digital budget because members of the target audience are heavy consumers of mobile.



The campaign was very successful – the handwriting of 59,697 users was digitized and there was interaction with 101,315 people. The click-through rate was almost four percent.






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