RIN: RIN Career Ready Academy



Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Product: RIN detergent
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
Agency: PHD India
Country: India
Award Entry Year:  2016


Campaign Summary

RIN is a mid-tier detergent brand in the cluttered detergent market in India, where consumer choice is often driven by price rather than brand “love.” With its tagline of “Keep Shining,” RIN set out to create an emotional bond with a key consumer group to strengthen brand consideration and drive loyalty. It focused on helping young women in pockets of India to become self-sufficient through training, the first step toward realizing their true worth and potential. The campaign offered these women the chance to take part in the “RIN Career Ready Academy” (RCRA), which offered a full English-speaking and etiquette- training syllabus as “snackable” content delivered via mobile phones, using only voice technology.

The target market for the campaign were women ages 18+ in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu in India. These were women who had some prior education but were generally not able to go out and land a job for themselves due to their lack of confidence. This in turn, tied in perfectly with the laundry brand’s promise of providing consumers with “clothes that shine,” and extended the idea meaningfully.


Objective and Context

The ability to converse with good English skills is known to increase salaries by as much as 34 percent in India. With the priority of most families to educate boys, many young women in rural areas become disadvantaged both educationally and financially.

Mobile usage has a more than 80 percent penetration rate in India, and is the most relevant and effective medium to reach women. The idea was to create a platform which addressed the need gap of a “finishing school” by designing an entire curriculum of English language and soft skills training into content that could be delivered step-by-step through mobile. The aim was to inspire women to take their first step towards confidence by becoming employment ready, through the RCRA.

The RCRA initiative sought to educate and equip the trainees in three critical areas of skills: English speaking, office dress and interview training. Participation was invited through a toll-free "missed call" which disconnected after one ring, but called the user back via a free incoming call.

Creative Strategy

To begin, registration was promoted via an easy-to-remember toll-free number through print, TV, outdoor and social media, with women callers given preference to participate. The curriculum was then converted into 20 learning modules which had five chapters each. Students were evaluated through a quiz at the end of each module. The caller also had the option to revise previous chapters to answer the quiz again to improve her scores. On completion of the entire course, the callers were eligible for a certificate given by RIN, in partnership with the British Council, an international organization recognised for English education.

The content was designed to fulfill participants’ needs for getting a better job and not only caught the attention of the target audience, but also kept them engaged until the end.



The campaign garnered well over 300,000 unique missed calls and over 105,000 registrations for the course. Compared to a market average of two minutes, RCRA received a record-shattering average listening time of 20 minutes for each module. A total of 140,000 minutes of course content was played by respondents, the equivalent of 15 years of career training.

For RIN, there was 2.9 percent increase in households added in the targeted markets. Brand equity scores also increased in such perception areas as “RIN is a brand that stands for good” (up nine percent), and "is trustworthy" (up 19 percent). Total sales also rose by four percent over the prior year. Taken together, the RCRA initiative enabled women to be more self-sufficient -- the first step for realising their true worth and potential.


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