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Scollay Petry
VP Customer Strategy

Based in London, Scollay leads Swrve's Customer Strategy and Value Engineering efforts to help its customers make the most of Swrve.

In his role, he develops and executes strategic services for the company's largest Global enterprise clients and partners, with a focus on marketing systems integrations, analytics, lifecycle campaign development, real-time “in the moment” strategies, and Machine Learning implementation.

Working in the Mobile Marketing space since 2012, Scollay has worked with apps as varied as Fruit Ninja, SEGA's Crazy Taxi and Sonic Dash, Emirates Airlines, Verizon, Digicel, The New Yorker, Showtime, iflix, InterContinental, Camelot (UK Lottery), Tatts (Australian Lottery), Betfred, Coles, and many more.

Scollay's first foray into Interactive Marketing was at early AOL, years before the Web took hold, where he created the online industry's first analytics systems used by hundreds of partners and advertisers, a full decade before Google Analytics.