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Guneet Singh
Global Head Marketing & Creative Solutions
Ignition Labs, Google

Guneet helped lay the foundation for most of Google’s products in India. He is best known for the Reunion film, Google’s 1st brand campaign in India and one of the most successful search campaigns globally, that put mobile searching into escape velocity. His journey with driving growth for Google started with Chrome in 2011 which grew to #1 in India. He was key to incubating the Android ecosystem that helped Android grow to be India’s preferred smartphone OS. He has consistently blended consumer insight, creative excellence and entrepreneurial experiments to drive product growth - which have been recognized in multiple industry forums, a recent one being “India’s - Digital Hall Of Fame”

Currently as Head of Marketing & Creative Solutions for APAC - he has in true start-up spirit incubated ‘Ignition Labs’ a new marketing & creative solutions function within Google, setting up from scratch our largest creative intelligence & creative delivery center that is helping advertisers across APAC deliver innovative brand experiences on the creative canvas that Google provides across content & code.

Prior to Google, he has co-founded a startup, led marketing at tech-majors Microsoft & Samsung, and has been recognized as a leading CMO & Digital Marketer in APAC. Rooted to environment & sustainability, he is also a co-founder at a non-profit he setup for clean air -

He believes though, that more than anything else it is the time he spends with his 7 year old twins that is the source of his creative spirit.